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Various factors cause physical immobility. People suffering from cardiovascular, neurological and other conditions require specific medical attention. Unique medical beds are available to improve comfort and help alleviate pain. One can select an ideal bed in accordance with their physical and medical condition. While choosing a bed, make sure to take into consideration the effectiveness, functionality and user-friendliness.  

An excellent medical automatic hospital bed can prove its effectiveness by supporting a total care program improving the quality of life for the patient and the individual’s family. People suffering from injuries and respiratory infections can seek benefits from an appropriate medical bed that can alleviate symptoms and improve their experience. A need for better beds is of prime significance for people facing challenges of debilitating illness that includes but is not limited to muscular dystrophy or a person recovering from an accident.  

Automated medical beds are classified due to various reasons owing to their differences and benefits. It could be the effectiveness of the beds or the price points. Most hospital bed automatic prices are favourable and are the best options for individuals who require special care. Check out the below-listed outline of beds concerning the same factors.  

Different types of medical beds are as follows

Electric Beds

Electric medical beds are often seen in the hospital rooms with viable economic care units. The comfort factors and the ability to provide convenience make them beneficial for patients, their families, and hospital staff. The electric switches and remotes make the beds easily adjustable and moveable. Individuals who are forced to lay flat because of illness, injuries or immobility can seek comfort in the electric beds. Even patients can operate the beds using the remote without manual capability. Frequent assistance from caregivers or family members might still be required by the patient. Automatic hospital bed price are available in an affordable range for patient care.  

Low Beds

As the name suggests, Low medical beds are the beds that are low to the ground—primarily used for patients or individuals at risk of falling from typically heightened medical beds. Low beds are most commonly used in pediatric or elderly patients. Low beds are quite efficient for Alzheimer’s patients. Hospital automatic bed prices are reasonable hence can be used for patients or individuals with special caregiving needs.  The features of electric adjustability are present in the low beds, just like a standard electric hospital bed.   

Fluidized-air Beds

The fluidised beds evenly distribute the weight of an individual over the mattress surface through fluidised air. The flow of air via tiny holes controls the temperature. The surface pressure can be minimised in these beds. Fluidized-air beds are an ideal solution for healing patients with conditions that can cause tissue breakdown. It regularises a micro-environment by controlling moisture, heat, friction and pressure conditions. Unlike other beds, the weight of the individual is evenly distributed; fluidised air beds offer advanced care. It is especially favourable for people suffering from wounds that are difficult to heal or are complex and unmanageable.  

Freedom Bed

Freedom Beds are ergonomically designed and have a three-part lateral rotation platform used to rest the knee and back. These beds are operated with levers or electric motors. Moreover, they have foldable side rails plus head and foot boards that ensure the safety of patients and accurate repositioning. Sleeping in a semi-fowler position has many health benefits. It alleviates breathing difficulties in those with lung diseases and cures obstetrics. It helps reduce the pain of childbirth in pregnant women who are about to give birth. In addition, a semi-fowler position eases patients’ eating problems by allowing them to eat on the bed in a relaxed position. 

Zero-g beds are India’s leading automatic hospital beds manufacturer. All our products made in India are of high quality and come with a 15-year guarantee. We aim to provide the best care and comfort to every individual in need of it.  

Zero-g beds are CE certified, which is mandatory for selling adjustable beds or frames. We offer different varieties of adjustable beds. You can choose a single bed, double, or split bed from the diverse bed options available. We can even turn your existing bed into an adjustable one for your convenience. With every Zero-g bed, you get a free latex mattress and other optional features like massagers for the head and foot,  LED lighting and retainer rails.


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