Good sleep is necessary to so many aspects of good health, you should make getting enough each night a high priority.

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Yes, it is safe to use an adjustable bed during pregnancy, as it allows sleeping in a comfortable position. The feature that allows elevating the bed as per the requirement makes it possible to support the back and neck while relieving the pressure in the lower back. These adjustments in the sleeping bed for pregnancy contribute to better and sound sleep.
It's essential to consider a few features like bed size, bed rails, durability, and the type of mattress that supports the preferred sleeping position like a natural latex mattress. The bed for pregnant ladies should also feature motion isolation along with being cost-effective, durable, and easily adjustable.
Problems like swelling of toes or legs, tiredness, physical distress, stress on the neck and back, severe back pain, fatigue, numbness of muscles, restlessness, and discomfort while sleeping are considered common issues related to pregnancy that can be resolved with an adjustable bed.