The zero gravity position is a term and position developed by NASA as a position for astronauts to help relieve stress of earth's gravity on the body while taking off into space. The zero gravity position is achieved by lying on your back, then raising your legs and head above your stomach/heart. This position minimizes the effect of gravity on your back, evenly distributes weight on your body and puts your body in a relaxed state.
Yes, of course! You can sleep on your back or side during the night with both your head and leg sections adjusted, to suit your comfortable position.
You can use any mattress on ZERO-G BEDS; however we recommend and provide a latex mattress, which is made of eco-friendly natural rubber, suitable for all body types and flexes easily as the bed adjusts its position. If you use coir or bonded or spring mattresses, they need to be cut into four sections and stitched together.
No, since the zero gravity position is a healthy way to sleep for all, the ZERO-G BEDS is recommended even for people who are otherwise fit. As this position reduces pressure on the back and improves circulation, it is the most recommended sleep position.
None, whatsoever. The ZERO-G BEDS are made of wood - a bad conductor of electricity. Relax!
You can use the normal 3 AMP plug. Electricity consumption is negligible as you will use it only when you actually adjust the bed to your preferred sleep position.
In fact, sleeping on your side and slightly raising the level of your feet may also greatly enhance your sleep and regulate blood flow. Since we are generally up on our feet all day long, this position may offer extreme comfort.
Keep children away only when the bed is getting assembled. Once the bed is assembled its absolutely safe to use by all.
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