What Are the Differences Between Hospital Bed & Adjustable Bed

Differences Between Hospital Bed & Adjustable Bed

As we get older, medical issues such as chronic back pain or arthritis make it more challenging for us to get in and out of bed. This shouldn’t be a struggle for anyone, especially while bed resting at home. The traditional bed at our home does not offer the level of comfort which is needed during the recovery process. 

This is where hospital beds and adjustable beds come into the picture. They are made to address needs and provide bedridden individuals with the extra support and comfort needed while spending time in bed. Knowing the basic difference between these two types of beds is important, as it will help you decide which one to buy. 

Hospital beds are used in healthcare facilities and come with features like the user can adjust the bed’s height, making it easy to get in and out of the bed, and it comes with features like side rails, caster wheels, and many more. These beds are made while keeping the medical necessities in mind. Adjustable beds are designed for home use and come in various styles and designs, which let the user adjust the bed according to their sleeping position. The adjustable beds do not have all the features of a hospital bed, but the user’s adjustable positioning feature lets the user sleep comfortably. 

Understanding the differences between hospital beds and adjustable beds can help you make a better decision based on your needs and health concerns. Let’s look at the characteristics of an adjustable bed and hospital bed.   

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is designed for home use to provide comfort and enhance sleep quality. They are also known as electric beds, which offer various adjustment options for the head and foot sections, like zero-gravity positions. Adjustable beds easily blend into the decor of the home and are available in various styles and materials. They are ideal for people looking to address issues such as snoring, acid reflux, and more. These beds are made to prioritize the comfort of the user and are accompanied by user-friendly controls.   

What is a Hospital Bed? 

A hospital bed is specially designed to assist individuals who have medical needs and is made with safety and accessibility in mind. The hospital beds not only offer head and foot adjustments, but the user can also adjust the overall height of the bed, which aids the caregivers in transferring them from the wheelchair to the bed. The hospital beds have side rails, emergency call buttons, caster wheels, IV stands, and many more. As the name suggests, hospital beds are mostly seen in healthcare settings rather than homes. Hospital beds are made for people who have more significant needs.   

What to Choose? 

Hospital beds have become integral to the patient’s recovery, providing plenty of rest, which is essential for the body and healing. However, when it comes to home rest, the traditional flatbeds are either soft or too firm, which exerts pressure on sensitive areas. By recognizing this need, the bed manufacturers have designed electric beds for homes. They are designed to provide maximum comfort to individuals who are looking for the same level of comfort as hospital beds in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are recovering from surgery or are bedridden for an extended period, the hospital adjustable beds will provide you with the comfort and support you need.   

Hospital Adjustabe Beds for Home Care by Zero-G Beds 

Zero-G Beds is the leading manufacturer of hospital adjustable beds, bridging the gap for patients who require home care. The adjustable nature of the hospital adjustable bed integrates a zero-gravity position, leading to a more peaceful sleep free from muscle strain or discomfort. The electric bed for home has all the latest technologies, which can be controlled with a remote control and offer seamless operation. A fully adjustable frame also accompanies it; users can effortlessly enter and exit the bed while minimizing the risk of falls. This electric medical bed has many benefits that ensure comfort for people recuperating at home following an illness or surgery.  

If you are looking for electric beds online, visit the official website of Zero- G Beds today. You will get an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and benefits of our hospital adjustable beds, which will help you make an informed decision.


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