How to Ensure Patient Safety in Electric Medical Adjustable Beds

Electric Medical Adjustable Beds

In both hospital settings and during extended home care, patients often spend considerable time in bed. Whether for medical treatment or routine check-ups- the bed is where you will be.    

However, prolonged bed rest can sometimes lead to uncomfortable injuries like pressure ulcers. Even with attentive caregivers, the risk of injury during patient transfers remains. In such situations, it is often advised to use a high-grade electric hospital bed. The safety and manoeuvrability offered by them is invaluable.  This blog will explore how electric beds provide the necessary safety and peace of mind to both patients and caregivers.

Prioritize Patient Safety with Electric Hospital Bed

When it comes to a motorised hospital bed, there are several parts that contribute to its reliability. They provide patients with the necessary safety – regardless of them being in a clinical environment or their own house.  

1. Side Rails

Side rails provide patients with sturdy support that reduces the risk of falls during mobilization or rolling out of bed during sleep. Creating a protective barrier along the edges comforts patients with a sense of security and ease their worries about accidents. 

Even for caregivers, side rails provide a sense of relief, knowing that their patients are safely contained within the bed. Such fully automatic hospital bed allows caregivers to concentrate on patient care without worrying about their safety issue. 

2. Quality Mattress

The quality of the mattress is something that should always be considered when it comes to patient safety. A hospital should include a supreme quality natural latex mattress. This kind of mattresses allows you to eliminate the risk of pressure ulcers with qualities like air pockets that provide optimum patient comfort. 

3. Easy Sanitation and Hygiene Control

Maintaining a hygienic, infection-free environment is a necessity within healthcare settings. An electric bed for patients with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface greatly contributes to infection control efforts. Choose beds constructed from materials resistant to stains and liquids. They allow quick and efficient cleaning between patient uses. 

4. Adjustable Height 

The main highlight of using automatic hospital beds is making certain tasks easier for both patients and caregivers. By letting you change the bed’s height, it makes it easier to move patients and takes some burden off caregivers. This feature is well-known for reducing the risk of injuries when moving patients. 

Electric adjustable beds provide patients with the scope to get out for actions like walking or lavatory trips. Meanwhile, caregivers find it simpler to do tasks like bedside care and helping with dressing changes.  

5. Control Panels/Remotes:

Your recovery life in bed gets easier with wireless remote and control panels provided in the electric medical beds. With the wireless factor, patients can adjust their bed settings to a comfortable height and position without any hitch. Memory function buttons are like shortcuts on electric hospital beds. They allow patients to quickly go back to their favourite bed position without having to adjust everything manually. This means patients can get back to their comfy spot for sleep without any interruptions.      

Caregivers can also use these controls to save time adjusting the bed, giving them more time to focus on other aspects of patient care. Overall, this feature promotes patient autonomy while simplifying bed adjustments for caregivers. 

6. Advanced Mobility and Locking Mechanisms 

When choosing a bed for patients, it’s a good idea to look for one with strong wheels. These wheels provide effortless movement throughout the facility. This quality is especially important during emergencies or transfers to wards far away within the premises. 

However, it’s important to make sure that the bed is stable and mobile. That’s why a motorized hospital bed comes with a reliable locking mechanism. Incorporated with features like Anti-Collision Protection, patients can feel secure while they’re resting. 

Secure Your Patient’s Wellness with Zero-G’s Electric Hospital Bed 

Electric beds not only make resting more comfortable but also help prevent injuries that can happen from lying down for long periods. They offer different sleeping positions, which can lower the risk of hurting certain body parts that bear your weight. Thanks to features like side rails, remote controls, and locking mechanisms, caregivers can provide patient care. To ensure your loved ones have access to an ideal electric adjustable bed, contact Zero-G Beds today.


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