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Electric Hospital Bed - Zero-G Beds

Zero-G Beds are electronically adjustable hospital beds for patients or elderly who need health care at home. Zero-G beds are electric hospital bed and are controlled by a feather touch remote. This modern hospital bed is available with multiple adjustments which helps patient or elderly in various physical conditions.

electric bed mattress




42 Inches


78 Inches


15 Years

Weight Capacity

120 KGS


Starts at ₹59,999

Country of Origin


Wireless Mobile Control


Head Elevation

0 to 90 Degrees

Feet Inclinations

0 to 45 Degrees

CE Certified


Electric hospital beds are designed to improve the comfort and positioning of patients, as well as enhance their safety. They can be adjusted easily with a remote or button, helping reduce the amount of labour caregivers require. This also gives patients more control over their environment and allows them to adjust the bed to their comfort level. Additionally, electric adjustable hospital beds can be adjusted to specific positions to help support proper wound care, reduce the risk of infection, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of bedsores. These features make electric hospital beds an excellent choice for providing comfort and safety to patients in a hospital setting.
Sleeping on an adjustable electric bed for the patient can be a healthy choice for many people. These beds are designed to offer a customized level of comfort and support, helping to reduce pressure points and improve circulation. They are also height adjustable so that you can quickly get in and out of bed and change positions while asleep. Additionally, adjustable electric medical beds can help with arthritis, back pain, and acid reflux. They can be adjusted to provide extra support to help reduce pain and discomfort. Finally, these adjustable beds can also help improve posture and reduce snoring.
Semi-electric hospital beds and fully electric adjustable hospital beds offer adjustable features that allow the bed to be moved and adjusted to meet the patient's specific needs. However, the primary difference between the two is how they are adjusted. Semi-electric hospital beds require manual adjustments, meaning they are adjusted manually by the patient or a caregiver. On the other hand, fully electric hospital beds for home use can be adjusted electronically with the press of a button. This convenience allows for effortless, quick adjustments that are more comfortable and easier for the patient and caregiver.
Zero-G beds is one of the best hospital bed manufacturers in Mumbai, offering a wide range of electric hospital beds. They provide a range of options based on personal needs and requirements. They also offer excellent customer service and a hassle-free online shopping experience. They have a wide variety of electric automatic beds for patients that are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety to the patient. The beds are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. The beds are also easy to use, helping to reduce the stress and strain on the patient and caregivers. Thus, Zero-G beds are the ideal choice for those looking to buy electric hospital beds online.
Yes, you can use the electric hospital bed at home, as it is specially designed for patients needing home care. The bed includes a 4-inch latex mattress with eco-friendly properties, reducing exposure to harmful chemicals while offering proper spinal alignment for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. This electric medical bed is beneficial for individuals with medical conditions or mobility challenges, as they come with adjustable features like height and tilt capabilities, aiding caregivers in assisting with daily activities and transfers.
A fully automatic hospital bed is designed for enhanced patient comfort and convenience. It offers various electronically controlled features to cater to patients’ medical scenarios. The electric hospital bed can be adjusted into different positions, such as buttons or touchscreens, allowing caregivers to easily adjust settings. Movable side rails prevent accidental falls and provide support. Some beds have battery backup systems for uninterrupted operation during power outages. The electric bed for patients may also be compatible with pressure relief mattresses to prevent bedsores and enhance comfort.
Motorized hospital bed lifespans vary based on quality, use frequency, and maintenance. Typically, well-maintained electric beds for patients with good build quality last 7 to 15 years or longer. Regular maintenance, following manufacturer guidelines, is crucial, including inspecting and lubricating components, checking electrical systems, and addressing issues promptly. Electric medical beds under heavy use experience quicker wear and tear, influenced by patient weight, adjustments, and workload. Our Manufacturers' documentation or customer support can provide specific lifespan details for individual bed models.