The Zero Gravity Experience

Presenting ZERO-G BEDS... the bed that adjusts to your comfort, so you don't have to!
There is simply no better way to relax!


ZERO-G BEDS are unique electronic adjustable beds
which give you a zero gravity sleeping position.

Just lie down in one of them and with a simple remote control elevate
the upper half, lower half or even both at the same time to experience
the zero gravity position of sleeping!

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Sleeping in the zero gravity position alleviates commonly expressed problems like:

Backaches, Arthritis, Varicose Veins , Sleep Disorders, Bed Sores, Thigh / Calf Pain,
Snoring, Blood Circulation etc.
Nursing Mothers and Pregnant Women may also benefit.

It is also perfect for reading, writing, watching television or working on your computer while in bed.

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By Captain Soonawala, Bangalore

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