No More Sleepless Nights: Find Your Perfect Adjustable Bed for Couples with Zero-g Beds 

As a couple, finding the best adjustable bed for home can be difficult as your partner might have different priorities, sleeping habits, likes and dislikes but that is no reason to avoid purchasing an adjustable bed. At Zero G beds, we can help you find the best adjustable bed for your needs. 

Which Is the Best Adjustable Bed for Couples? 

A split king adjustable bed for couples is a great choice. It is basically two twin XL beds placed side by side separately so that you don’t get disturbed if your partner tends to toss and turn while sleeping. 

Benefits Of Split King Adjustable Beds 

Split king adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular among couples due to the sleep and lifestyle benefits they provide.  

1. Personalized Comfort 

Having the ability to control your side of the bed while being next to your partner means you can read or elevate your back and feet for relief from body pain without disturbing your partner. Moreover, some split king adjustable beds also come with a memory programming feature so you both can set your preferred position for your side of the bed. 

2. Peaceful Sleep 

We all sleep differently and sharing a bed means you might have to compromise on your favourite sleep position which can affect the quality of your sleep. Split king adjustable beds allow you to sleep peacefully while your partner can perform other activities on their side of the bed. There is also an anti-snore mode if you have a noisy partner. 

3. No Motion Transfer 

Motion transfer in mattresses is one of the most common causes of sleep apnea. When your partner wakes up in the middle of the night on a double or king-size mattress, the movement gets transferred to you, disturbing your sleep. With a split mattress, the motion affects only one mattress, leaving you and your partner unaffected and fast asleep. 

Features Of Split Adjustable Bed 

1. Remote Control:  

Most split adjustable beds come with a remote control and some companies even include a pocket in the bed, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it. 

2. Massage Zones

Some split king adjustable beds also have a massage feature so after a tiring day at work, you can enjoy a relaxing massage on your bed. 

3. USB Charging Point: 

One of the most convenient features of a split king adjustable bed is a USB charging point for all your electronic devices. 

4. Zero-G Position:  

The zero-gravity position is the best pressure-relieving position that reduces tension in the lower back. With just the click of a button, you can trigger this position and feel relaxed. 

Which Is the Best Type of Bed Frame for A Split King Adjustable Bed? 

While looking to buy an adjustable bed, it is also important to consider the bed frame and mattress.  The best type of bed frame for a split king mattress is an adjustable bed base.  Besides allowing you to fit two separate mattresses within the frame, it also allows you to adjust the position of your mattress. Even though an adjustable bed might be expensive, it is worth the investment especially if you and your partner have different sleeping preferences. 

Now coming to the best type of mattress, it is best to purchase a latex or memory foam mattress for your adjustable base as they are flexible and durable. You can use a firmer material but make sure it suits your adjustable bed frame. 

Zero-G Beds is a reputed adjustable bed manufacturer in India. We are an ISO/13485/WHO GMP compliant company and all our adjustable beds are CE certified. Our adjustable beds come with features like engineered plywood bases, natural latex mattresses and feather touch remote controls. You can also opt for optional features like battery backup, power supply, and side railings. All our OEM efforts are widely appreciated by multinational companies. To learn more about our products, visit our website or contact us directly. 


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