Different parts of the body weighs differently.
Then why use single density mattress?

Instead get yourself a

Natural Latex Mattress with Seven Comfort Zone Feature

natural latex mattress

About Natural Latex Mattress

Every part of the body weighs differently. And the New Seven Comfort Zone natural latex mattresses multiple layers form into individual segments, so that your body can be supported evenly, while still providing pressure relief to different parts of your body as required. These mattresses are made of latex and other superior quality surfaces, which would make sure that your body is not tensed when you rest on it.

A transformative sleep experience

Seven Comfort Zone
Natural Latex Mattresses

These ergonomically designed mattress provides
maximum comfort by keeping your body aligned

best latex mattress

Single Density Mattress

These mattress don't give the right support
and cause a lot of stress to your body.

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latex bed mattress

The more layers your mattress has, the more comfortable it will be. These Pure and natural latex Mattresses with new technology are available in many different firmness levels depending on your preferences, and can even be customised to your unique body shape.

Make sleeping better with the best Seven Comfort Zone mattress

pure latex mattress

Mattresses have come a long way and the New Seven Comfort Zone natural latex mattresses have begun to gain traction as its the best new technology in the bedding industry.

Upgrade to an adjustable bed frame along with seven comfort zone mattress to get the right support you need to relieve back pain and get a good night's sleep.

The Seven Zone Pure Latex Mattresses can also help provide an optimal sleep experience with great temperature control, comfort, and even pain relief properties! These are the Best Latex mattresses as they are made from all-natural, breathable materials that give you support and comfort all the time!

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latex bed mattress

These mattress are completely natural, biodegradable, and sustainable which means that you can invest in the best seven zone latex mattress without worrying about it losing its shape or comfort in the future.

The latest technology in latex mattresses are able to create a sleeping surface by using the multiple layers that feels like heaven as soon as you lie down on it. The Seven Zone surfaces provide optimal support to your back, hips, and neck so you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

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Your bed isn't just for sleeping it's your recharge station for the day ahead.

When you don't get enough sleep in a cozy position that supports your whole body, you're likely to feel groggy and uncomfortable, especially in your back and joints. This can leave you sluggish and lacking energy when you need it most.

Sure, there might be various reasons why your sleep isn't up to par, but where does everyone wind up at the end of the day? You guessed it right in bed! Everyone has unique needs when it comes to bedding, and having the wrong mattress is a common issue many face. It's clear that having the right mattress is crucial for achieving perfect, satisfying sleep.

You deserve a partner that offers an escape from the physical and mental strains of the day. That's why Zero-G is offering a befitting solution for those struggling with sleep problems Natural Latex Mattress! With our help you can create your perfect resting spot with a comfy mattress that guarantees you the uninterrupted sleep you crave.




Other Mattress Types

Excellent airflow
[Eliminate heat build-up]

Minimal motion transfer

Pressure relief
[Provides Equivalent Support
to Each Body Part]


Eco-friendly materials


Everyone's body is unique with the weight of every body part differing from person to person. And that means what feels comfortable for sleep can vary a lot.

We all want a mattress that cradles our body and relieves every pressure point, no matter how we sleep. That's what our Seven Comfort Zone Natural Latex Mattress aims to provide. Made with top-notch materials, it conforms to your curves and supports you in any position whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.

Indulge in your well-deserved rest, free from concerns about joint and muscle strain. Our pure latex mattress provides the necessary support, allowing you to awaken feeling energized and prepared to resume your day's activities.

Forget about just "comfort" our Natural Latex Mattress offers a truly desired sleeping experience. With different firmness levels available, you can find the perfect fit for your body type and preferences.

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  1. 100% Organic Fabric

    Our Latex Bed Mattress is created from unaltered organic fabric. Its natural hypoallergenic quality promotes necessary airflow for a breathable bliss during your sleep. Say goodbye to waking up sweaty!Luxury Meets Sustainability

  2. Luxury Meets Sustainability

    Experience the luxurious softness of our 100% organic cotton layer. This naturally cool surface complements the latex for a perfect sleep climate. Woven with your wellbeing in mind, the organic cotton is renowned for its gentleness on sensitive skin and its design boasts anti-allergic quality that promises a worry-free night's rest. And because luxury shouldn't compromise on longevity, our organic cotton is intended to be strong and flexible with lasting comfort for years to come.

  3. The Power of Pure: 100% Natural Latex

    Free from synthetics and fillers, our natural latex mattress provides unparalleled support and pressure relief using the eco-friendly Dunlop process. Discover the difference pure latex mattress can make!

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress in India

Latex is a natural material that looks like a fluid or sap. It is derived from rubber trees in an environmentally friendly manner. Combining it with other natural ingredients transforms it into completely natural mattresses.

These long-lasting mattresses offer a variety of benefits to sleepers. Let's glimpse through the top reasons to buy a natural latex mattress online, exclusively at Zero-G Beds:

  1. Elite Comfort

    Exhausted from a long day, you settle in for a restorative nap, only to wake up greeted by unwelcome aches and pains. Sound familiar?

    Traditional mattresses often fail to provide optimal support, leading to discomfort and stiffness upon awakening. Fortunately, our Natural Latex Mattress in India offers the right solution. The result? A revitalizing sleep experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and prepared to resume your day.

  2. Completely Fireproof and Environment Friendly

    Peace of mind shouldn't come at a cost. Traditional fire retardants, like PBDEs, may keep mattresses flame-resistant, but they raise serious health concerns. Potential developmental issues, endocrine disruption, and environmental harm are a hefty price to pay for a "safe" sleep.

    However, our Pure Latex Mattress offers a smarter solution. We treat our mattresses with safe, natural fire retardants. This means complete peace of mind for you and your family, knowing you're surrounded by healthy materials. Make an eco-friendly choice. You're not just protecting your sleep; you're protecting the planet.

  3. Minimum Odor Emission

    No one can get a peaceful sleep (unless they are tired) when their sleeping area is full of lingering odors. And traditional mattresses are observed to trap the same unpleasant smells!

    Natural latex comes from rubber trees and requires minimal processing compared to some synthetic materials. This means fewer chemicals are involved in its production, minimizing the potential for off gassing or unpleasant smells.

Replace The Mediocre with Magnificence

Upgrade to a natural latex mattress and experience the power of blissful sleep. A mattress with supportive comfort and long-lasting posture care is a noteworthy investment in your well-being for years to come. Get the best latex mattress today!

Prices differ according to the size and dimensions of the mattress. Hence, to buy a latex mattress online or an adjustable bed mattress combo from Zero-G Bed. Head to the contact us page for further details regarding the latex mattress price.
Compared to any other mattress, latex mattresses are made with eco-friendly natural rubber that fits all body types and is flexible enough to work with bed adjustments. Natural latex mattresses in India last for around 10-20 years, much longer than any other typical mattress.
Depending on the sleeping style and the body type-height and weight, it is advisable to pick a mattress that ranges between 6 to 13 inches.
Also, Here are some parameters to buy latex mattresses online which may help you to guide.
  • Type of latex mattress: Adjustable or normal
  • Size of mattress: Single, double, king-sized, queen-sized, or customised.
  • Dimension of the mattress: According to the size of your bed.
  • Firmness: The ideal latex mattress would have a thickness between 6 to 13 inches.
Depending on the sleeping style and the body type-height and weight, it is advisable to pick a mattress that ranges between 6 to 13 inches.
Latex mattresses not only help with comfortable sleep and take care of body pain and sore muscles. Helping with several health benefits like backaches, it also promotes blood circulation, and prevents sleep disorders, bed sores and snoring. Weighing the benefits and the amount, it is with buying the natural latex mattress in India.