How Electric Medical Beds Make Seniors’ Life Safe & Comfortable?

Adjustable Bed

If an elderly family member in the house is chronically ill or wheelchair-bound, it would be good to invest in an electric medical bed. The beds would cost much more than normal beds as they come under the category of medical equipment and consist of sophisticated technology. But looking at the benefits available, you may decide on getting one at your home. 

Benefits of electric medical beds:

Reduce the chance of falls

One serious issue during old age is an accidental fall. Falls can lead to fatal injuries or other types of damages or health problems. The falls happen mostly during moving into or getting out of bed or while sleeping. The reasons are generally related to weakness or balancing problems and frequency of visiting bathrooms due to lesser control on bowel movements. These situations get aggravated after surgeries, problems in brain functioning, or paralysis.

The electronic adjustments in medical beds help in moving with ease and reduce the chance of falls. An elderly patient can effortlessly modify the bed height and prevent himself from rolling out of the bed due to the presence of bed rails. Bed mattresses also offer support due to stiffness at the edges. These features also aid movement for wheelchair-bound patients.

Facilitates treatment 

Sometimes patients have to go for prolonged bedrest at home to avoid a long hospital stay. Post surgeries, movement in the bed also becomes difficult due to stitches, muscle stiffness, or after a fracture. Electric medical beds are particularly suitable for patients having heart or nerve problems or surgeries for the same. As lying down continuously for long hours is not recommended, the foldable features in several parts of the bed would benefit the patients to sit up comfortably and with support. Seniors citizens having problems in blood circulations can prevent edema in the legs or swelling in other parts of the body due to fluids leaking out into the tissues from blood vessels. Edema can be prevented by raising the legs above the level of the heart. 

Prevents bedsores

Bedsores are a common problem for senior citizens who have to go for prolonged bed rest. Bedsores can start as minor skin irritation but lead to bone damage if it is too severe. They occur when the skin comes under long periods of pressure or friction.

You can get electric medical beds in India with the mattresses designed in such a way that it reduces the risk of bedsores. These are special pressure relief mattresses with air bladders in them. Also, the adjustable features in the bed help to change the patient’s position easily.  

Help patients to move independently

Getting an electric medical bed for your elderly sick parent or a relative would help them to move or lie down without constant dependency on others. There is a motorized adjustment system and wired or wireless remote control. 

The beds of earlier periods required moving the patient out of it during height adjustments. The adjustment process was also rigorous due to the turning of handles or levers. It was not possible for the patients to make adjustments on their own. The previous flatbeds could not support the spinal cord sufficiently and would lead to back pain and disturbed sleep.

Zero-gravity beds:

You can get electric medical beds in India which are designed to fix it to a zero-gravity position. The term zero-gravity is used to draw a similarity with the position of the astronauts to reduce the pressure of the earth’s gravity while leaving for space. 

The weight of the body is distributed evenly across the bed to reduce pressure on the back. The zero-gravity position is developed by initially lying on one’s back and then raising the legs and head above the stomach or heart. 

The bed would help you to raise the upper body at a slightly inclined position and provide support under the knees to provide a comfortable posture for resting. 

Both the top half and bottom half of the bed can be raised or lowered as required while eating, watching television, or elevate different parts of the body to provide comfort.

These beds generally consist of a mattress with latex and knitted fabric and of four-inch thickness. Latex has some beneficial features like being eco-friendly, less exposure to toxic chemicals, and proper alignment for the spinal cord. 

Marine plywood used in some beds make it water-resistant and borer proof.


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