Does an Adjustable Beds Helps in Preventing Lower back pain ?

Adjustable Beds

Over the past few years, adjustable beds have grown in popularity as people are becoming aware of their potential benefits. Apart from offering the convenience of customizing your sleeping position, adjustable beds also provide effective pain relief. One of the essential advantages of adjustable beds is giving relief from back pain. In this article, we will see if and how an adjustable bed helps in preventing lower back pain.

Back pain is a common condition these days. A large percentage of people all over the world suffer from back pain. Some of the common reasons behind this pain is stress, wrong posture, and bad lifestyle habits.

Do adjustable beds help in relieving lower back pain? The answer to this question is yes. Adjustable beds can help patients lie more comfortably in an adjustable bed position for back pain as compared to lying on a flat mattress. Research in this field suggests that improving the sleeping posture and spinal alignment can help a great deal in preventing lower back pain. The lower back is the most severely affected part of the back when it comes to back pain and avoiding harsh sleeping mattresses is the key to preventing lower back pains.

When something helps in reducing back pain, it also in a way improves your sleep quality. Studies suggest that back pain can negatively affect the quality of your sleep. And when you don’t sleep properly, your tolerance to pain decreases and thus this cycle continue.

How does an adjustable bed help?

Several aspects contribute to the efficacy of adjustable bed for lower back pain. Some of them are listed below:


  • Pressure distribution


Our body weight combined with the force of gravity can lead to increased stress on our backs. This is one of the major causes of lower back pain. Using adjustable beds can redistribute this pressure more evenly. Adjustable beds come with multiple positioning features that help in redistributing the weight. You can customize these beds as per your needs and use them accordingly. Like the beds that are pre-programmed for zero-gravity positions. They help a lot in reducing lower back pains.


  • Spinal stretch


When our spine is under stress, it gets decompressed, and this causes a lot of discomfort. Adjustable beds come with the feature of the spinal stretch which lowers the head and foot portions slightly to stretch the spine. This feature of the adjustable beds leads to controlled spinal stretch providing relief from lower back pains.


  • Lumbar support


Some adjustable beds also come with inbuilt lumbar support that helps those suffering from lower back pain. The lumbar support system works by reducing the load on the lower back and thus evenly distributing the body pressure. While some models of adjustable beds are equipped with bar system, others have full sections for lumbar support.

Thus we see that adjustable beds are not only useful for preventing lower back pains, but also give you better sleep. They provide the much-needed support to your lower back along with several other additional features.


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