5 Tips to Take care of Your Spinal Cord

Are you suffering from back pain? This can be the effect of a spine disorder. This is a common problem owing to the sedentary lifestyle of today’s people. The pain can be very disturbing causing you to stay aloof from social activities or miss work. This pain can also prevent you from performing simple daily life activities and enjoying life. Thus, doctors believe that taking care of the spine is important. One should be very careful and ensure that they are maintaining proper spine health. So, in this article, we are suggesting some effective means to get rid of the pain.

Exercise Right

To have a healthy spine, make your lower back and abdominal muscles strong. This will help in supporting the spines in a better way. Your lower back will also be relieved of the pressure. As regards to the sedentary lifestyle, we rarely make use of our core muscles. Thus, if you want them toned you will have to do targeted exercises for 20 to 30 minutes each day.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Not only exercise, a healthy diet is required to maintain a proper weight or help lose weight. An overweight body is very bad for your spine and lower back. Excess fat in the belly areas can add stress on the ligaments, muscles and your tendons.

Wear The Right Shoes

Whether it is for exercise or for normal walking your shoes need to be the right one. good shoes provide you the right support base for the lower back. This also lets the body and spine remain in one alignment. So, when you are choosing your shoes make sure the back of your feet is in a comfortable position, not too much tight or loose. Orthodontics shoes are good for better support and balance.

Take A Massage

A massage has several therapeutic benefits. It minimizes stress factors and increases endorphins in your body. The natural painkiller reduces any pain. This, you do not need to take a pain relief medicine anymore. Additionally, massages also increase the blood circulation which in turn makes the healing process faster.

Sleep Right

It is true that your body needs a good sleep every day. This makes your body relaxed and soothes out any muscle sprains and tears. The position in which you sleep is very important. You should maintain that while sleeping you are on your side and not on the stomach. This is because sleeping on the stomach can put too much pressure on your spine, which is not at all healthy. While you are sleeping on your side it reduces chances of airway collapse. This can also reduce sleep apnea. Thus, for the right sleep buy adjustable bed which helps to keep your body in the right position.  

Well, if you are following the above you will surely find relief. If you still aren’t satisfied then its time you change your bed. This is because beds play an important role in improving your spine health. Make sure to buy adjustable beds or electric beds online. They have been found highly effective for making sleep better and reducing spine-related disorders.


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