5 Medical Issues Adjustable Beds Can Help With

5 Medical Issues Adjustable Beds Can Help With

People have been sleeping flat on traditional beds for decades; however, sleeping flat is challenging for some individuals, especially for people with medical conditions like arthritis and expecting mothers.   

An adjustable bed is all about providing comfort to the user. These beds are also called electric beds. They not only provide a comfortable sleeping experience, but the user can also elevate their head, legs, or both as needed. Originally, adjustable beds were used in healthcare settings and nursing homes to elevate patients to relieve pain while assisting with recovery and for patients who experience mobility issues.   

While the clinical usage stays primary, the bed can also be ideal for pregnant ladies and people who face mobility issues and are kept at home on bed rest. 

Let’s Have a Look at What Medical Conditions Adjustable Beds Can Effectively Address


Arthritis is mostly seen in women and seniors, and it leads to joint pain. For people with arthritis, this causes issues finding a comfortable position for peaceful sleep. Sleeping on adjustable beds helps the user lift, raise, and lower the bed at the click of a button. Sleeping in a zero-gravity position helps in providing ease from the symptoms of arthritis. The adjustable beds are made by using tailored measurements that help ensure no joint is under strain, especially the knees, hips, and spine. These beds have a memory foam which provides cushioning to the joints while providing comfort.   

Chronic Back Pain

Traditional beds are unable to provide proper spine support, which leads to back pain in the lower back, spine, hips, or neck, which affects work the following day. Sleeping on uncomfortable beds leads to significant pain which eventually leads to sprain, strain or sciatica.   

The shallow position of the adjustable bed provides support which helps to ease your back pain. With adjustable beds for back painindividuals can shift the position of the bed making it more comfortable for sleeping and reducing back pain. Patients suffering from chronic back pain and undergoing injuries benefit from sleeping on adjustable beds as it helps to relieve an aching back to get a peaceful sleep.    

Ease From Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep apnea are caused when the tongue blocks the airway or collapses while an individual sleeps. To provide relief from snoring and sleep apnea, the airway must be opened so that the individual can breathe better at night. The adjustable bed for snoring helps by raising the head of the bed to six inches, which is the easiest way to treat sleep apnea and snoring issues.    

Reducing Back Pain for Pregnant Women  

During pregnancy, the mother’s sleeping position greatly impacts the comfort level and sleep quality. Constant back pain is the most common issue faced by pregnant women, as the growing baby in the womb of the mother puts extra pressure on the spine and the back. The health benefits of adjustable beds for pregnant women are not just limited to reducing back pain but also reducing leg swelling and acid reflux. Investing in an adjustable bed for pregnant ladies contributes to better-quality sleep, which is essential when having a baby in the womb.   

Zero-G Beds are known for providing the best quality adjustable sleeping bed for pregnancy which allows the women to elevate the bed which provides support to the back and neck.  

Mobility Issues

People who face mobility issues do not like to be dependent on their family members and caretakers for tasks like getting out of bed or adjusting the back pillow. But, with the help of adjustable beds, they can move with minimal assistance from the other individual. Sleeping on adjustable beds for people who have mobility issues makes getting in and out of bed easier and convenient. The ability to raise the height of the bed makes it comfortable for the patients, reducing the strain on the joints and muscles. In addition to people who face mobility issues, the adjustable bed also benefits elderly patients who face difficulty getting in and out of bed. 

Adjustable beds improve comfort and aid in faster recovery of the patient. Whether you are getting back on one’s feet or dealing with a chronic health issue, sleeping on an adjustable bed makes a huge difference in your life. Sleeping flat on the back is the way how many people have been sleeping for years, it aligns your spine, however sleeping straight is not comfortable for everyone and causes back pain and snoring. Investing in an adjustable bed for back pain will help you sleep with an elevated head or legs while also providing you with the ultimate adjustability.   

Zero-G Beds understands the importance of comfort, ease and peace during the recovery process. By incorporating the best-in-class technology which aids top level convenience to the users, the adjustable bed for back pain provides care and support in the comfort of the home. Enhance your recovery journey with Zero-G Beds where the beds and mattress are specially designed to reduce discomfort while providing users comfort.    

To know more about what the health benefits of adjustable beds are, visit our official website today!


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