Why Zero-G Beds Are Unique Among Adjustable Beds?

If you have had problems with insomnia or have been awakened with back pain, necks pain or shoulder pain, then only adjustable beds can come to your rescue.

Our spines follow a natural S curve which makes sleeping painful and even damaging to our joints and lower back when you are lying on flatbed positions.

Even with a memory moisture mattress that contours the exact form of your body, as you lie flat, you can always experience the impact of gravity that stresses pressure points on various areas of the body.

Sleeping at zero gravity position means that your body is located at very precise angles. The top body is lifted to the thighs at a 120° angle to remove the weight from the back, neck and shoulders.

This is considered the null tension region, which is the perfect way of reducing inflammation and encouraging welfare. Your head and neck are fully assisted and the highest. Your legs are partially bent and elevated to a heart level.

You can lift the top half of the adjustable beds in an upright position, with an easy-to-use remote control, offering optimum convenience for those who work daily on the laptop, watch TV, read etc.

You may also elevate the lower half of the electric medical beds to elevate the legs by giving people with body aches, suffering etc. optimum comfort. You can also simultaneously raise the halves to a zero gravitational position and sleep like a child.

There are many benefits of zero-gravity position some are specific to the health benefits of adjustable beds and some lifestyle ones.

  • Reduced snoring
  • Reduces backaches.
  • Lessens sleep disorder
  • Better heart
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduced swelling
  • Helpful in bedsores and arthritis
  • Beneficial during pregnancy

The highest quality of the plywood and filming process makes an extremely robust product, which emphasises your room’s elegance and offers unparalleled versatility in its use.

Two colours, which makes it easier to compliment your current collection, are available in labelled laminate ZERO-G BEDS. Specially built for the functionality of hospital beds, these adjusting beds do not generate an aura like a hospital at home. The modular beds blend smoothly with the current interiors and boost your comfort quota to the next standard.

German robots that deliver unparalleled convenience and perfect measurements. When you connect to two single beds you will enjoy flexible operations separately, ensures a happy night’s sleep for all inhabitants.

The modular beds have been specially built to blend in perfectly to make them look like double bed if two single beds are connected. The standard size of beds gives all family members with various needs and tastes a cosy and calming area.

A 4-inch latex mattress with knitted fabric is available on ZERO-G BEDS. Latex’s natural environmental characteristics and low sensitivity to toxic chemicals are established.

Latex removes negative space and is suitable for good alignment of the backbone.

ZERO-G BEDS with an easy-to-use remote control, enabling you to easily change the location of the beds.

The remote control responds instantly to your touch and can be adjusted conveniently to get the correct spot on the backrest, leg rest or zero gravity position.

The remote is made of high-quality pieces and is built to survive without any problems.

These are some of the benefits of adjustable beds and with the additional unique features in Zero-G beds, these are the perfect choice for you.

With electric beds, you get to sleep every night and wake up to a peaceful and positive morning, as opposed to what you get on a flatbed. It’s time to buy your electric hospital bed.

There are many reliable manufacturers to treat bed sores using an adjustable bed. One of the most reputed electric bed manufacturers is Zero-G Beds. Zero-G Beds are a leading, Mumbai-based manufacturer of adjustable beds.

These electric hospital beds have a remote control that is easy to use, which makes it possible to easily change the position of the bed.

They have a solid record of satisfied customers in various parts of India and the world. The bed they manufacturer meet the due certificate guidelines and compliances.

The quality of the mattress is good enough to not allow it to sag even after years. The health benefits of adjustable beds are so good that you should immediately get yourself one today.


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