What are the Causes and Solutions for Back Pain Problems?

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Back pain has become a common problem nowadays. It starts usually when people reach their 30s and then it constantly hurts. Causes of this problem can be many as people are so busy these days and they don’t have time for self-care. They don’t have time to get a proper diet. They are not able to do some exercise. They don’t get proper sleep. They don’t even sit properly. These all things lead them to many health issues. Back pain problem is one of them. Here are some causes and solutions for back pain problems which will help you to get rid of it:

Causes of Back pain problems:

Strain: Any kind of strain on back muscles or ligaments can cause back pain. It can happen by lifting something heavy or moving in an awkward direction. All these things give too much stress on the back muscles and affect its efficiency.

Arthritis: This is a bone-related disorder which directly affects the joints. It causes pain in the lower back and other joints.

Sitting Posture: Sitting in the same posture for a long time also causes pain in the back. It usually happens when people work on laptops or computers for a long time. They bend their spine and sit as it is the whole day without moving.

Sleeping posture: Most people do not know the benefits of zero gravity position. They use inappropriate mattresses to sleep. Some of them bend too much while sleeping. This affects the nerves and causes pain.

Driving posture: while driving a car or riding a bike people like to sit in such a condition which makes them feel comfortable but that leads them to back pain. Long drives or riding continuously for a long time is not good for the back.


Solutions for the back pain problem:

Relaxation: Relaxation is very important for the back muscles so that internal tissue repairing can be done and muscles can relax. Be aware of lifting too much heavy things. Stop doing things which you think, require more power and cannot be done by you alone.

Medication: If your back pain is unbearable and it is affecting you from a long time then you must visit a doctor. A proper medication and complete course of dosage will help you to get rid of the old back pain.

Break during work: it is important to take breaks while you are working. It relaxes your muscles. Also, avoid sitting in the same posture for a long time. A little stretch and neck exercise is something which you can do anytime and anywhere.

Sleep proper: First of all a complete 6-8 hour sleep is necessary for an adult. It makes your body feel relaxed and cancel outs stain. Secondly, sleeping in the correct posture is very important. There are many benefits of sleeping in zero gravity position which you should know. The 45-degree angle provides relief to the lower back.

Avoid long drives: If possible, do not drive or ride for long distances. You can ask your friend to join and ask them to drive for half way. It will be good for both of you.


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