What Are the Best Sleeping Positions While Pregnancy?

Sleeping Positions While Pregnant

For those ladies who have been through pregnancy and childbirth or are going through an advanced stage of pregnancy, you must have realized the effects of a relaxing sleep on the mind and body.

You must be feeling sleepy throughout the day but whenever you get in bed, moving your body to acquire the perfect position, takes up most of the time. To take the stress off your body, you may think about getting a special bed for pregnant ladies.

For having an uninterrupted sleep, try to take care of certain things like your diet, meal timings, light exercising or walks, medications, and a stress-free mind.

Avoid oily and spicy food to reduce acidity. Go for frequent meals in small portions to avoid discomfort. You can take a warm shower before you go to bed at night for that relaxed feeling.

Apart from these aspects, sleeping position and a suitable pregnant women bed are important things that you should consider.

Recommended sleeping positions while pregnancy

Try to sleep on your left side as much as possible for you

Try the reclining position

Sleeping on your stomach is a strict no-no

Although there has been no proof that sleeping on your right, poses health risks, sleeping on the left side would be beneficial for both you and your baby. It would better support the flow of blood and nutrients from you to the baby.

This position will also help your kidneys to better perform the function of removing toxins and excess fluids from the body. It may not be easy to sleep in this position for long.

But you can use pillows to prevent yourself from rolling over and keep them under your knees to feel comfortable.

Avoid lying down on your back as this will cause the uterus to press on your back and spinal cord and is not good for the baby’s health. This posture is said to reduce blood flow to the baby and lead to haemorrhoids.

Your blood pressure also gets affected. Instead, try the reclining position by putting pillows under your knees and back. Wedge-shaped pillows can be helpful for this.

Try sleeping on your stomach and the growing baby inside would invariably make you roll over to a better and more comfortable position. Do not force yourself to be on your stomach as this will exert pressure on the baby.

A bed for pregnant ladies should not be flat. It may increase common problems like back and neck pains, insomnia, acidity, and feeling of suffocation.

An ideal sleeping bed for pregnancy should be: 

Adjustable bed
Able to relieve stress

Support the would-be-mother to sleep in a zero-gravity position. Zero gravity position is a reclining posture with the head and leg raised above the stomach or heart.

The term is used to describe the position practised by astronauts to let go of the stress due to the earth’s gravitational attraction when they travel to space.

Sleeping with the legs raised during pregnancy reduces swelling of the lower body, legs, and feet. Blood circulation goes on uninterruptedly throughout the body.

Raising the upper part of the body takes away pressure from the lower back and heart. Due to the raised upper body, the acids in the stomach cannot flow back and upwards. So, there is a reduction in heartburn and acid reflux.

You can think of getting a good quality pregnant women bed with the right mattress which should not be too firm or very soft. Go for a medium-firm memory foam mattress that would provide support without being too hard at the same time.

Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The features make these types of mattresses better than others if you consider the health aspects.

A good thing is that the bed for pregnant ladies is also available online in different colors and can also be bought in India.

You can adjust the position of the zero-gravity beds with the help of remote controls. The beds are made of engineered plywood, are water-resistant and come in standard sizes with Pure latex mattresses. . The mattresses are eco-friendly. Also, single beds can be joined to get the looks of a double bed but with separate operating features.


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