The Zero-G Beds’ Guide to Choosing an Right Adjustable Bed 

It is not always due to a medical emergency or for recovery after surgery that you may decide to buy an adjustable bed. You can buy one just for a lifestyle change. 

Zero-gravity beds are a type of adjustable beds. The zero-gravity position is developed by initially lying on one’s back and then raising the legs and head above the stomach or heart. 

The beds would cost much more than normal beds as they come under the category of medical equipment and consist of sophisticated technology. But looking at the benefits available, you may buy an adjustable bed for your home. Besides, some suppliers may have an option for part payments. 

You should also check whether the retailer would deliver the adjustable beds in India at your specific location. 

A guideline would help you to look for some features in adjustable beds before you buy one:

Multipurpose use

You can simply adjust the bed to the required angles while sleeping, working with a laptop, relaxing, or watching TV instead of changing your position continuously or force yourself to maintain a particular posture. Adjustable beds would be the perfect solution for health problems like sciatica, backache, circulatory problems, breathing trouble, acid reflux or snoring.

Greater comfort while sleeping

With this type of bed, you can get the right support for your spine. You can make different adjustments based on the most comfortable posture.

Sleeping on the sides 

You can adjust the top or bottom parts of the bed to align it to the correct angles for your spine if you want to sleep sideways. It reduces pressure on the hips and other parts of the body and helps in case of acid reflux.

Contour posture

It is a relaxing posture where the head and feet are in an elevated position and provides a fetal position to your body while you sleep on your back. There is even support for the whole body.

Alignment of head and feet

An elevated position for the head and feet provides for easy movement for getting out of the bed, reading, or watching TV.

Position of feet

An elevated position for the feet would help you to relax after a tiring day at work or if there are swellings on the legs or feet. It would drain away fluid from the feet and provide temporary relief.

Unique features

Unlike normal beds, this specific type of bed would provide:

  • Comfort and therapeutic functions
  • Motorized action for lifting body parts separately
  • Handset and button option for adjustment
  • Several adjustable parts in the bed
  • Accessories like massage units, headboards, drawers

Sizes as per your needs

While buying a bed, look out for the size best suited to fit in your room and to be brought in through the door without causing any problem. There is a range of bed sizes to choose from as per your requirement:

  • Small single
  • Single
  • Double
  • King size
  • Super-king size

For a single individual, there are single sizes and for two members you can choose double or king size. 

The double beds have the benefit of uniform adjustment or independent adjustments in the case of dual beds. Dual beds give the option of choosing the desired adjustment without disturbing your partner. 

Sustaining varied weights

Some beds have a limitation for weight. You can find this out with the retailers of adjustable beds in India. If you want a bed that can support greater weight, you may have to get one customized as per your needs.


Standard mattresses that have open coil may not be good as the springs are linked together, causing pressure points. Avoid using an air mattress as the bending and flexing may restrict the flow of air and make the mattress harder. 

A regular mattress would be fine for an adjustable bed if it is compatible. Look out for flexibility and durability. Otherwise, you may have to go for latex, memory foam, or spring mattress. Pocket sprung mattresses would be a better option.

The ideal thickness should be between 20 and 35 centimetres or 8 to 14 inches. An adjustable bed mattress is best designed to be used with adjustable beds. Replacing them would be easy. They are generally no-turn mattresses, so check the specifications carefully before buying one.  


There are a variety of colors and designs like with legs, divan style, with storage drawers, etc.

Podded frames

Podded frames help in even distribution of the weight of the user across the bed and make it long-lasting.

Massage unit

Massage units provide relaxation especially for pain or a comfortable sleep. It can be an alternative for massage centres and give you privacy during a massage.

TV bed

TV beds consist of a headboard and a footboard and the mechanism for installing a TV near the foot of the bed. There may be accessories like a TV remote, and a side section for storage.


Headboards may come with a range of fabrics to choose from like plush velvet, woollen, etc.


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