How Home Care Adjustable Beds Can Improve your sleeping experience

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Home care adjustable beds can turn your woes into wonders by giving you excellent quality sleep. Adults are recommended to have at least 8 hours of sleep. While falling asleep can be challenging for some, even staying asleep feels difficult for a few. Furthermore, even if you get 8 hours of sleep, you might wake up tired and cranky because your sleep quality is poor.

The key to improving sleep quality is adjustable beds. That’s right. There are many Home care bed manufacturers who provide excellent products made out of sturdy materials that not only enhance your sleep quality but also are durable.

Bye-bye to snoring

Even though you love your partner, constant snoring can make them move to the couch. Luckily, adjustable beds can stop the dreadful snores. Snoring happens when you lie on your stomach and the tissue in your throat starts to sag. This causes every breath you make to rumble loudly.

Home Care Adjustable beds can fight such situations as you can escalate the height of your sleeping position and keep the airway open.

Wake up feeling fresh

If you are having muscle or joint pain, you can understand how hard it is to find a comfortable sleep position. Homecare bed manufacturers have created a solution to such problems. Adjustable beds support your body when you rest by alleviating stress on the pressure points. This reduces swelling and inflammation in the joints or muscles giving you optimum relief.

Many adjustable beds come with split sides so this way your side can be raised while your partner’s bed position can be at a normal position.

Reduce Sleep Apnea or Asthma

Just like snoring, sleep apnea and asthma too are breathing problems that can be reduced by simply adjusting the bed frame to raise the head. Sleeping in a more slanting position enhances airflow, reducing obstacles from the nasal passages and allows you to have an uninterrupted sleep due to apnea.

Reduces heartburn and acid reflux

Even if you don’t sleep on a full stomach, you can struggle with acid reflux and heartburn. When you lie on a flatbed, stomach acids move to the esophagus that causes uncomfortable signs of acid reflux and heartburn. It is recommended that a 6-8 inch inclining of the head keeps the acid in the stomach and away from entering the throat. This aids in healthier digestion and proper sleep.

Eases Insomnia

People with insomnia are always looking for a remedy to have blissful sleep. Be it insomnia or anxious mind, an adjustable bed base offers numerous options for comfort for an enhanced sleep experience. Home care adjustable beds improve blood and oxygen circulation that helps you to fall asleep faster after endless tossing and turning nights.

Improves digestion

Even though the body sleeps, it is constantly working to digest foods. When you lie flat, it hinders the natural digestion process. Using an adjustable bed lifts the body from the abdomen up to 6” that achieves a healthy digestion experience. It also allows an improved sleep experience so that you wake up feeling fresh.

Enhances circulation

Maintaining the body’s circulatory system in optimal condition throughout the night allows you to achieve prime sleep quality. With an adjustable bed, you can tune your sleep positions that reduce pressure allowing blood flow to the heart and throughout the body.

Alleviates leg swelling

Many people are dealing with swollen legs – from pregnant women to those with health conditions. Lying flat allows the fluids to pool which causes an increase in inflammation and swelling. This causes pain and sleepless nights and mornings filled with agony. Health experts advise that legs must be raised to alleviate swelling and its harsh effects. Home care bed manufacturers lower swelling and boost overall health.

Coming home after a day of work and relaxing with your feet up on the adjustable bed can also fight symptoms of varicose veins.

Other benefits of home care adjustable beds include

Comfortable position when you are reading, working or even eating

Relax the weekend by turning your bed into a comfortable recliner chair

The healthy position that enhances your lifestyle

Stay independent to get in and out of bed especially if you are having any disability, have undergone surgery etc.


Modern adjustable beds don’t look mechanical or unpleasant to the eye. In fact, there are many manufacturers that offer designer upholstery and scintillating features that sync very well with today’s contemporary interior decors.

An adjustable bed can significantly change the way you sleep and can improve your mind and body. There are many Homecare Bed Manufacturers and brands that offer adjustable beds at an economical price as well as high-end cost. Read, research well and check reviews of brands and only then pick the one that suits your preferences. Do not jump the bandwagon of brands 


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