How Does A Zero Gravity Bed Work When Sleeping at Night?

The zero-gravity bed is a great discovery, for the comfort of humans. To know what a zero-gravity bed is, you must know what zero gravity is and what good does it do to us.

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity is a term used to simply define the total state of weightlessness. This state of weightlessness was discovered by NASA. Zero gravity also called Zero-G is a state where the apparent affect or net effect of gravity is zero. This type of condition is seen in the astronauts, who are seen floating when travelling in a spacecraft. This is because the spacecraft while travelling changes its velocity in its orbit to prevent itself from being pulled into the atmosphere.

What is a Zero Gravity Bed?

The Zero Gravity position was discovered by NASA to alleviate the compression forces of pressure on the spine and body of astronauts when the space shuttle takes off. The bed manufacturers realised that this position to be very comfortable when adjusted to a bed base. This is how a Zero Gravity Bed was discovered.

What benefits a Zero Gravity Bed provides?

Most people face problems to have a stress-free, sound and peaceful sleep in these modern days. Zero Gravity beds have innumerable pain-relieving capabilities and has several other medical benefits of sleeping in zero gravity position, to provide a better night’s sleep. Here are some of the major benefits of zero gravity sleeping: –

Reduce Snoring

– The Zero Gravity Bed has its head side elevated according to the Zero Gravity position. This position allows the airways to open, and prevents the tongue from slipping back, which stops your snoring problem.

Relieves neck pain and back pain

– The Zero Gravity position of the bed allows for the body weight to be evenly distributed, to relieve the pressure of the spinal cord. The less pressure given on the spinal cord, the more relief you get. This lessens you body ache and neck pain.

Gives you a Healthy Heart

– The zero-gravity position seems to relieve the unrequired pressure on the heart muscle while sleeping. This allows the blood to flow freely all around the body, making the heart healthy.

Relieves Heartburn due to Acid Reflux

– The acid produced in the stomach, when brought up to the esophagus, it gives a tremendous heartburn pain. This brings an awful taste and gives you heart pain. The relaxed Zero Gravity position of the bed prevents the stomach acid to reach the esophagus. Thus, easing up the heartburn pain and preventing acid reflux. People with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), are advised by doctors to sleep with the upper part of their body elevated.

Relieving Breathing

– People with breathing problems like, asthma, respiratory illness or allergies, can find relief and improved sleep when sleeping on the Zero Gravity Bed. With the head of the bed elevated, the lungs is relieved of pressure which enhances proper relaxed breathing.

Sleep is a vital part of everyone’s life. The people these days have lack of sleep due to many problems like stress, anxiety, health problems. Some even take regular pills to get a proper sound sleep. The Zero Gravity Bed is a great solution to provide you with a comfortable sound sleep.


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