How Can an Adjustable Bed Reduce Lower Back Pain?

Adjustable beds for back pain

Are you unable to sleep at night, because your back hurts every time you try to reposition yourself? If yes, then maybe it’s time to replace your regular bed with an adjustable one. Adjustable beds have proven to reduce back pains by a great deal for users of all ages.

Most people tend to perceive back pain as a medical condition when it can be caused due to something way more basic than this like poor sleeping or standing posture or being obese. In this era, it’s a common problem for people of all ages. Even a 10-year-old faces some kind of back pain owing to his heavy weighted school bag. 

Adjustable beds widely allow its user to adjust the rigidity of the reclination and its position to attain a better and more comfortable sleeping position relieving them of their lower back pain

Let’s have a look at how an adjustable bed can help reduce lower back pain.

Allows you to sleep in an inclined position 

As per the recommendations of many medical practitioners, sleeping on an incline to help relieve pain in your lower back. Especially when you are suffering from severe lower back pain, sleeping on a slight incline with some extra support under the knees can help take the pressure off your spine, facilitating a more peaceful and comfortable sleep.

A position where your legs are elevated with knees bent and your back completely flat creates a pelvic tilt which is great to strengthen your lower back muscles. An adjustable bed allows you to realign the pressure and weight on your vertebrae. 

The inclination of your upper body and elevated knees will not only effectively support the natural curve of the spine, but also, is expected to stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation of damaged tissue in your lower back region. If you sleep on your side, an adjustable bed can be helpful as it will make your spine properly aligned while in the position.

Stretch-Back Exercise for your lower back

While asleep in an adjustable bed, you’ll feel a complete stretch along your entire back especially in the lower back region. You’ll feel a gentle pressure between each vertebra. Which will make you feel great and relieved.

Supporting your back

Sometimes people opt to use pillows to prop up their upper body or place under the knees to elevate those particular portions, but this can cause severely uneven amounts of support and result in subsequent discomfort in certain parts of your back. Well, there is something even more to this, at times, people move around and readjust themselves while they are asleep, meaning that they might often return to an unsupported position during the night.

Investing in an adjustable bed offers a more durable and reliable solution for supporting your lower back and a night of peaceful sleep.

Reducing joint compression

Adjustable beds also offer better support for people with spinal disorders through a reduction in joint compression, preventing you from feeling sore and stiff when you wake up.

An adjustable bed has also shown proven benefits for patients who have been undergoing back surgery, as a flat mattress will often aggravate the problem and cause tension to build in pressure points.

Mobilizes your movements

If your back pain has affected you, getting in, and out of the bed movements then it surely can be more of a challenge than it should be. 

Adjustable beds help you ease these moments with the utilization of innovative technologies. You can simply unlock privileges of adjusting, reclining, and raising your portions as per your convenience just by installing an adjustable bed in your room

 So, you want to know what is the Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain?

Now, this is an obvious question that would have struck the minds of every person planning to buy an adjustable bed. So here are some sleeping positions that you might want to try to attain a more comfortable sleep.

Now, if you like Sleeping on your side then having a pillow between the knees can help you provide better spine alignment. 

The people who suffer from a herniated disc or more popularly known as a slipped disc may find adjustable beds to be relieving and distressing if they sleep with their, knees tucked toward the chest with torso curled, opening the space between the vertebrae facilitating and eased sleeping posture.

If someone is snoozing in a recliner in the most restful position, they may choose to sleep in a reclining position, raising the head of the adjustable bed to build an angle between the thighs and the trunk, minimizing spine pressure. Sleeping in a chair might work for brief naps, but when attempting to get the full eight hours of restful sleep without interruptions, it is not very realistic.

Adjustable beds are now one of the most widely used remedial measures to cure backaches. The evolving lifestyle and comfort trends are constantly influencing lives all across the globe, and now it’s time for you to switch to the bed of your convenience.


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