Health Benefits of Using Home Care Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Bed

A good sleep is very much necessary for the general health of a person and if you are suffering from a disability or prolonged illness then it becomes compulsory for you to sleep comfortably. Lying down on bed all the time may cause some health problems like bed sores and joint pains. Therefore, home care adjustable beds are considered as great solution if you spend most of your time lying on the bed. They can improve your health and quality of life in different ways.

Let’s have a look at the health benefits these beds provide.

  • Reduce back pain- With adjustable bed; we can adjust the mattress at head as well as at foot. This provides your back with a surface to lie on which gives support to the spine. This eliminates the pressure on sciatic nerve. By adjusting the surface, we can match it closely with contouring of body which allows you to sleep comfortably on the back. The pain caused due to nerve confines at the base of the spine is lessened by sleeping on such beds. If the head is slanted in a certain angle, you can get relief from compression for lower back and lessens the pain. It also protects you from neck aches. The pressure created on spine due to continuous horizontal positioning of legs is relieved by raising the foot of the bed, which allows your knees to be bent by keeping the legs in floating position.
  • Lessen snoring and asthma- When lie in the flat position on the bed, the neck puts extra weight on windpipe almost closing it. This generates a noise called snoring. If you make use of adjustable bed, its frame lifts your head and the weigh on the windpipe is taken away by the gravity, which in turn reduces the snoring problem. Similarly, asthma is also a breathing problem, which can be decreased by making use of adjustable bed to lift your head. If you sleep in an angled position, it facilitates free air flow, eliminating obstacles form nasal channels. This gives you healthy and continuous sleep. If you lie on flat surface, the flow of oxygen is restricted, and you may suffer asthma attack. This possibility is nullified by these beds, as oxygen flows freely relieving sinus pressure.
  • Reduce acidity and heartburn- If you lie on the flat bed, the acids generated in the stomach move towards oesophagus which result in symptoms like acidity and heartburn making you feel uncomfortable. If your head is inclined in a certain angle, it helps to remain in the stomach ensuring proper digestion and good sleep, says one of the home care adjustable bed manufacturers.
  • Relief from insomniaThose suffering from insomnia are always in search of a solution to obtain a good, peaceful sleep. Insomnia can be caused due to pain or mental stress, but one can get relief from it by using adjustable bed. It allows you to sleep in number of different positions as per your comfort. A perfect sleeping position regulated blood circulation in such a way that, it makes you fall asleep easily.
  • Improve digestionWhen we sleep, our body keeps on working to process and digest the food. Lying on flat surface interrupts the capacity of the body to process food. If the bed frame is adjustable to lift the head around 5 to 6 inches, the digestion can be done properly giving you a better sleep, reports one of the home care bed manufacturers
  • Enhance circulatory systemYou can get a quality sleep during the night if your body’s circulatory system is in good condition. Adjustable beds allow you to sleep in the position which reduces the pressures and ensures regular blood flow to the heart and entire body. This also allows for free flowing of oxygen as mentioned earlier.
  • Provide relief from arthritisAn adjustable bed frame gives you relief from painful disorders like arthritis. The joints which are stiff, and paining are allowed to rest at comfortable positions by adjusting the bed and mattress. This can also resolve issues like morning stiffness.

Apart from providing all the above-mentioned benefits, home care adjustable beds can lessen the swellings on the legs caused due to various reasons. The adjustable bed can be turned into giant comfortable bed frame or rectilinear or easy to position chair, thus promoting healthier sleep and a better lifestyle while lying in bed. If you are struck with a disability or unable to move on your own, the adjustable bed helps to you move in and out of it independently by simply raising the beds.

So, these are the health benefits generated by adjustable beds, make use of them and have a good night sleep.


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