Electric Medical Bed 101: Need, Benefits & How to Buy

Adjustable Beds

Hospital beds or electric beds are typically zero gravity beds that come with multiple hinges, helpful in reclining the bed from different angles.

These beds were mostly used in hospitals but now they can widely be seen in households. And owing to the same reason its demand and sale has seen a sharp surge in the past years!

Now if you are planning to buy one for yourself or your parents, you must know a few things about it.

so let’s get started by understanding what an electric bed is

Electric bed: a boon for elderly people
The new electric medical beds are comfortable and cosy unlike the standard hospital beds that are uncomfortable and sterile and if you don’t find your current bed comfortable just switch to an electric bed.

Electric medical beds are way handier than any other bed, they allow you to raise, lower, recline or elevate your bed in all manner of configurations for better health outcomes and comfort.

Electric beds enhance mobility and balance, as hospital beds can be raised or lowered whenever you need to get in and out of the bed.

This makes it easier to shift to wheelchairs and walkers without any major pain or discomfort.
Electric beds are flexible and compact, so compared to using a larger hospital bed, it is easy to provide your loved ones with care.

Electric beds come with wheels that make it easier to move the ones you love from room to room.

Adjustable beds are easily modified so that comforts such as bed rails, table surfaces, and even conveniences such as USB can be added to make it easier to take care of the loved one.

Advantages of having a medical bed

Medical beds are great for patients suffering from arthritic pain neck issues, etc. Since they can be adjusted to any angle best position to relieve spinal pain, osteoarthritis, and all other degenerative pain disorders and conditions can be ascertained.

And by elevating the legs, you might also get relief from pressure and swelling in the legs.

You can recline, lower, lift the lower and upper portion of the bed, or both to make it convenient for whatever you choose to use it for.

All this can be done without stepping an inch out of your bed as most electric medical beds come with remotes or buttons to crank the motor.

With an electric medical bed, it becomes possible to easily have your meal, breastfeed, type on your laptop, read a book, play video games, watch TV, and do other stuff in bed easier than in a normal bed.

Major electric beds come with separate control for each half of the bed. The beds will typically be split so that the user can raise or lower either side without disrupting the one on the other side One person may love sleeping at a lower position while their partner might prefer.

With an electric bed, you can choose your angle as per your comfort.

Low Maintenance
Far from other therapeutic beds, you are not required to grease, change the water, or pump air. You can simply assemble the bed and using a remote control choose the configuration you like and then sleep, read, or just relax in your comfortable space.

How to Buy electrical medical beds in India? 
There are dozens of marketplaces online and offline where you can get all types of used electric medical beds in India. Most of the electrical and hospital beds will typically be overhauled beds that you can also touch up to bring them up to date with modern conveniences and features.

Used mattresses: yes or no?
Although it can be cheaper, it is highly recommended not to buy an electrical bed with a used mattress. Mattresses, unlike the frame, are more likely to have bacteria and pathogens when bought.

Therefore, if you were to buy new, used mattresses won’t be as flexible or as comfortable. As such even though you are purchasing the system used, it does not make sense to purchase used mattresses.

Get a new mattress that will still be clean and hygienic, providing all the advantages of versatility and high efficiency.


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