Complete Guide: Buying Seven Natural Latex Mattress  

Natural Latex Mattress Buying Guide

It would be best to consider various factors before buying a latex mattress. Choosing the right Natural Latex Mattress will significantly impact your comfort zone and functionality, resulting in sound sleep and Improvement in overall health. Due to a massive boom in online shopping portals, it has become easier to buy latex mattress online. It will be very detrimental if you buy a natural latex mattress in India without considering the factors below.   

1) Not all latex mattress offers the same comfort –   

Every seller claims that their bed has a 100% latex mattress. But there is a skyscraper-like difference between ‘100% latex’ and ‘100% pure natural latex’. Pure natural Latex mattress is more elastic and resilient and provides comfort to various levels of weight and pressure.   

Whereas blended Latex is used on a large scale for mattresses, and that makes the mattress less comforting as it doesn’t have the same resilience. And it provides less kickback to the pressure and weight while partially absorbing it. Blended Latex provides lesser durability in comparison to pure natural latex mattresses, and they break down after a certain period  

2) Latex Mattress Benefits-   

There are several advantages of latex mattresses:  

  • Pain Relieving – Latex foams provide extra comfort to heavier body parts such as hips and shoulders. It relieves the joints and lower back while its natural elasticity maintains spinal alignment by supporting the lighter body parts like the neck and back.   
  • Low Maintenance and Antimicrobial- Other mattresses must be cleaned regularly as several bacteria may settle down on them and might give you some bedroom allergies. But latex mattresses naturally repel such micro-organisms, making it the best choice for people with allergic issues and people who are strict about hygiene.  
  • Eco-Friendly- As you might know, Latex is extracted from rubber tree sap. The trees are never cut down entirely and can produce sap for up to 30 years. This proves that the processing of latex mattresses is sustainable and encourages tree growth. Latex is biodegradable, so it won’t stay unaffected after being buried in the ground.   
  • Durability – High-Quality Latex mattresses are perceived to have more extended durability spanning up to 10-12 years which is immensely longer than other mattresses in the competition. Natural Latex mattress gives a kickback once the pressure is removed, maintaining its original shape.   

3) Not all Latex Mattresses are designed in the same way-  

No law states how much Latex is mandatory for it to be called Latex Mattress. Many retailers use a thin layer of Latex that covers unknown foam layers, making it cheaper to produce. Beware of soy-based foam; they are excellent mattresses but aren’t Latex.   

Latex is naturally abrasive, so it doesn’t have to be glued to other layers in the mattress. Latex layers that are glued together become too firm or soft, defeating the purpose of buying a natural pure latex mattress.   

4) How to Store a latex mattress –   

It is highly recommended that while storing the mattress, you make it airtight and waterproof when wrapping it with plastic. Cover the bed with silica gel to keep it as dry as possible if it can be arranged. Latex mattress retains their original shape after several hours when it is unfolded. Other beds are hard to store and fold as their innerspring structure can get damaged.   

Indeed, after following this guide, you can select the best latex mattress for yourself. If you are looking for the best latex mattress to relax on and enjoy a high-quality sound sleep, then Zero-G beds are the destination you have been looking for this whole time. After reading this, you will have less chance of getting confused while finding the correct latex mattress for yourself. Check the material percentage, see how easily you can store it again, and the benefits of each type of mattress while finalizing your bed.    


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