Are Adjustable Beds Good for The Elderly?

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are often thought that they are only beneficial for people in hospitals, chronically ill or suffering from chronic pain. It is important to know that adjustable beds are extremely helpful for the elderly because these beds offer great comfort and relaxation. 

It is noticed that an individual spends almost one-third of their life sleeping and sufficient rest is necessary for body healing as well as restoring process. As you age, getting enough sleep is important. 

For this reason, adjustable beds have gained huge popularity among the elderly. Seniors suffering from chronic pain get quick benefits from sleeping on an adjustable bed.  

You need to understand that as a person ages, their body undergoes different changes like low oxygen levels, declined bone density as well as low muscle strength. 

Such type of changes causes great inconvenience and decrease the quality of life to a great extent as the person reaches the age of 60 years. Adjustable beds are the same as what you have seen in clinical settings and hospitals. 

Depending upon the model chosen, these beds permit certain areas like knees, head, feet, and even the centre of the mattress as well as the frame to be lowered & raised in order to ensure great comfort to the users. 

Here are some reasons why you need to buy an adjustable bed for the elderly:

It helps in improving blood circulation

When your upper back is lift above the lower body, there is improved circulation of blood. This further helps you to quickly recover from the mobility problems that you are facing. 

If you have a senior citizen in your home who is affected by edema then in this case you need to install an adjustable bed because the bed will assist in managing their symptoms quickly. 

An adjustable bed offers great relief 

As you age, the cartilage and ligaments that hold vertebrae together in your spines become less cushioning and thin as well. As a result, you start suffering from backaches as well as chronic pain.  

This is the time when an adjustable bed comes into the picture because it takes away the stress from the affected vertebrae. You can easily position the bed in a way that provides you relief from the pain. 

Several seniors also suffer from pain due to different ailments like degeneration of joints in the lumbar spine, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis. An adjustable bed helps the ageing person by elevating their head and feet into a position that offers relief from chronic pain. 

Ensure a good & sound sleep

It is seen that older people sleep less when compared to younger people. It is important to know that as you age, you need less rest but the rest that you take should be rejuvenating and restorative. 

Seniors suffer from the side effects of not sleeping well like cognitive difficulties, memory loss, and confusion. But an adjustable bed assures a few hours of sleep which is deep & comfortable. 

Therefore, if you have senior people in your home then an adjustable bed is important for them to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Such type of bed will also make sure that elderly people enjoy a night of uninterrupted and pain-free sleep. 

Zero-G Beds are the best adjustable bed for back pain that gives you a zero-gravity sleeping position. D4 Surgicals India Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of adjustable beds that are helpful for the elderly suffering from ailments like back pain, arthritis, etc.


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