Choose Adjustable Zero Gravity Beds for Peaceful Sleep During Pregnancy?

What Is a Zero-G Bed?

An adjustable bed allows you to change your bed’s alignment so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

When you sleep on an adjustable bed, your body will align itself in a precise manner.  The upper body is raised at an angle of 120 degrees so that there is zero pressure on the back, neck and shoulders.  This is known as the zero stress zone which is the optimal position to reduce swelling in the body.  Your head and neck get the most support and are elevated the most.  Your knees are bent and raised to the level of the heart.  This sleep position may sound weird but it is the most optimal way to sleep according to NASA.

How an Adjustable Bed Can Benefit Pregnant Women?

The adjustable bed can also be used as a bed for pregnant ladies.  Many women face issues while sleeping at night especially during pregnancy.  Backache, leg pain,  insomnia, acid reflux and shortness of breath are some of the complaints most pregnant women have. Sleeping on a flatbed can actually worsen these symptoms because to find a perfect sleeping position, you will most likely toss and turn the entire night.

As the baby grows during pregnancy, the size of the uterus will increase which will eventually put more pressure on the inferior vena cava.  Because of this, the baby will receive fewer nutrients.  One study came to the conclusion that a pregnant woman sleeping on her back is 28 times more likely to have a stillbirth.\

Sleeping Positions While Pregnant

An adjustable bed is a perfect sleeping bed for pregnancy as it can help a  woman avoid all the above problems.  When a woman in labor sleeps on this type of bed, she is able to raise her back and legs which will make her feel at ease.

Moreover, sleeping on this type of bed will distribute the body weight evenly in such a way that the pressure on the spine is minimized.

When a woman is carrying, there are many physical changes he goes through like bulging of toes and fingers.  During this time, it is vital that she gets a good night’s rest. The Pregnant women bed also comes with special features that reduce swelling by increasing blood circulation

Some adjustable beds also come with features like custom positions, under-bed lighting and massage zone.  These beds work well with memory foam, durable latex as well as hybrid mattresses.

This type of bed can also be used while working, watching TV, reading and writing

These beds come with a backrest which is adjustable from 0 to 90%  and a leg rest adjustable from 0 to 45%

If you are suffering from backaches, bedsores, varicose veins and thigh/calf pain then you can use the pregnant women bed for relief.

In India, Zero-G is the largest producer of sleeping bed for pregnancy.  Our adjustable beds come with a backrest adjustable up to 90% and a leg rest adjustable up to 45%.  Some of the features of our adjustable beds are:

  1. Premium Quality Wood: Adjustable beds at zero G are made from engineered plywood.  Our lamentation process ensures a durable product that will add to the beauty of your room
  2. Good Quality Mattresses: Our zero-g beds come with a latex mattress with knitted fabric.  Latex is an eco-friendly material and reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals. Latex is also ideal for proper spine alignment during sleep.  Our mattresses will not sag even after many years of use.
  3. Remote Control: Our beds also come with a remote control that responds immediately to your touch.  Remote control also helps those with mobility issues.

We also provide optional features such as side railings and battery backup power supply.


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