Adjustable Bed VS Hospital Bed: What Is the Difference?

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Adjustable beds & hospital beds are distinct or separate furniture pieces that are known for sharing one single common feature; both the beds comprise of adjustable foundations for head and feet. It also lets you change the specific angle as per the body parts. Apart from this factor, these two beds are completely different. Here is a comparison between the two beds to solve the doubts and also reinforce its uniqueness:


Home care adjustable beds are designed by keeping aesthetics in mind. It is designed by keeping metal and wooden outer frame by intending to gel with the bedroom décor. Such beds come with independent foot and head platforms where you can adjust angles with the help of electric motors. There are some adjustable bases that come with extra pillow articulation that helps you adjust the neck angle as well.

Hospital beds, on the other hand, are designed keeping utility in mind. These beds, mostly come with a clean metallic construction, making it easy for medical caregivers to operate. Its utilitarian design makes them a lot easier to clean. Furthermore, it becomes easier when you are looking after patients not having control over their body.


Foot/head adjustment

The prime selling feature of the adjustable bed is the ability to uplift a user’s foot and head at distinct angles, independent of one another that benefits blood flow. Hospital beds come with the same functionality as far as adjustment of head and foot angle is concerned. Patients often require getting up into semi-upright/upright positions which they can do on their own with the help of electromechanical platform.

Height adjustment

Home care adjustable bed enable easy height adjustment as per the user’s requirement and need. It allows you to watch TV, play video games and/or read a book by not moving your bed. Hospital beds help in increasing/decreasing the bed’s height entirely solely without giving any extra amenities.

Head or Foot Massage

Modern adjustable beds have been solely designed with the core idea to enhance the overall quality of life spent by a user in the bedroom. It boasts unique built-in capability of massaging for the head & feet, that aims to serve and relax your tired body. The massager also comes with distinct settings that can be chosen as per your preference.

Hospital beds, on the contrary, do not come with any of the above-mentioned features.


Adjustable beds come super packed with attractive features like USB charging ports, smartphone control along with programmable profiles. It also offers under bed ultra-lighting for convenience during night time. Overall, it summarizes on providing its user maximum comfort.

Hospital beds, on the contrary, do not have any of these facilities.


Adjustable beds cannot be moved as they do not have wheels. On the other hand, hospital beds have wheels levied on the base of the hospital beds enable the beds to be portable and moved to different locations.


Adjustable beds usually come in various sizes and can successfully hold one or even two individuals, depending on their size. Hospital beds, on the other hand, are designed to hold one single person.


Thus, though the two beds are similar in few characteristics, however, they are majorly different in their nature and use. They are both useful in their own genres and needs.


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