5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping has always been understated, and that is the reason why most people suffer from a lack of proper and peaceful sleep. Following a good sleeping regime is the perfect solution for a peaceful sleep. This means to prioritize good sleeping habits and doing activities which allow you to have a good sleep. Quality over quantity has always been stressed, and same is the case with sleep. Good quality of sleep is more important than the more hours and quantity of sleep.

The foundation of having a good and hygienic sleeping experience have been listed below. These tips have also been recommended by the World Sleep Society. Here are five ways to improve sleep:

  • The first way is by establishing a regular and fixed sleeping time and waking time. Frequent changes in the sleep and wake times result in interference with the circadian rhythm which harms the sleep cycle and body functioning. Keeping up with the similar sleep and wake times every day has been stated to improve sleep hygiene and provides good quality sleep. Also, if you feel tired, you can invest in an afternoon nap to re-energize yourself and make yourself feel refreshed. However, the afternoon nap must not be exceeding forty-five minutes.
  • Sleep experts suggest that one should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco or any kind of toxic substances which harms the body four hours prior to sleep time. In this way, one can follow a healthier lifestyle by reducing and adjusting their substance intake.Also caffeine consumption before sleep time causes harm to the body and affects the quality of sleep. It has been recommended to fix your sleep time and to avoid the intake of caffeine around six hours prior to sleep time. Coffee isn’t the only substance containing caffeine which needs to be avoided, but products such as chocolates, soda, and tea also contain caffeine contents which should necessarily be avoided.
  • Avoiding the consumption of heavy meals just before sleeping is highly recommended. Foods containing an excess amount of sugar and spices should also be done away with. Having light snacks and food before sleeping has been suggested for obtaining a sound and peaceful sleep. Also, regular exercising for sound sleep has been advised. If in case, you are a night person you should exercise before sleeping to awaken fresh and lively.
  • Using bedding which is comfortable and provides you the right quality of sleep is highly recommended. Avoid using comforters which make you feel hot and sweaty during mid-night affecting sound sleep. Also, one should keep the room in which you are sleeping properly ventilated with a soothing room temperature which is neither too high nor low. Just the right temperature automatically engulfs the body into a peaceful sleep. Using good quality wooden home care beds can serve the purpose.
  • Lastly, keeping work out of the bedroom helps in reducing stress, making your sleeping experience hygienic and healthy. Home care beds in India are the perfect sleeping escape. Blocking out the various distractions such as electronic devices and gadgets from the bedroom is quite helpful.

Thus, following the above-listed ways can help improve sleep quality and reduce sleep deprivation, insomnia issues and prevent poor sleeping hygiene.  


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