5 Major Lifestyle & Health Benefits of Using Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds for back pain

Your bed is not just any other furniture in your home. It is a place where you spend one-third of your life. A poor quality bed can keep you tossing and turning all night.

Over the years, we have noticed that the one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work.

Everybody is different and if you depend on a standard bed frame, you will actually be doing your body more bad than good.

Adjustable beds are a great way to enhance sleep quality and fight body pain. Read on to know all about the 5 health benefits of adjustable beds.

Did you know that NASA developed the zero gravity position? This is to alleviate pressure on the astronauts when they are launched into space.

The rise in adjustable beds gave mattress manufacturers an idea to achieve weightless sensation while sleeping.

Zero gravity is basically a mode that you can activate on the adjustable bed. In this setting, the bed is raised to such a level that your torso and legs are up, giving your body a shape like “V”.

This helps in distributing your body weight evenly and preventing pressure build-up on the head, neck, back, and legs.

Some benefits of a zero-gravity position are:

1. Alleviates joint muscle pains

When you are lying down, there may be a gap between your spine and the mattress you lie on. As a result, all the body weight falls on certain muscles and joints, that is, around the lower back and neck, and puts enormous pressure on them.

When you are sleeping in the zero-gravity position, there is no space between your body and the bed. This way you will have a better posture, and the position evenly distributes the body weight.

There is also less pressure on your body that gives you optimum relief, especially in the neck and back area. It also relieves joint pain commonly associated with arthritis or fibromyalgia.

2. Improves digestion

They improve your digestive process. When you keep your body slightly upright, it has a positive effect on your digestion. Ergonomic adjustable beds prevent you from retaining gas in your stomach and keep you comfortable all night.

3. Reduce Edema

Edema is a condition when swelling occurs due to excess fluid that is trapped in your body. It appears around your feet and ankles. A few of the causes include congestive heart failure, obesity, diabetes, and a prolonged sedentary lifestyle.

When you sleep on an adjustable bed, your legs and feet are placed in an elevated position that promotes better blood circulation. As a result, your swelling reduces and the risk of deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins can be minimized.

4. Stimulates heart health and improves blood circulation

Another major benefits of sleeping in a zero-gravity position are that it is designed to alleviate body pressure, including your heart. With less pressure on your heart, it pumps blood better and enhances blood flow throughout your body.

5. Reduces snoring and sleep apnea

Doctors generally advise against lying on your back when dealing with snoring, sleep apnea, or other respiratory illnesses. This is because your tongue and jaw relax, collapse back, and block your airway while you sleep.

Sleeping with your back raised keeps gravity from blocking your throat. This relieves pressure on your lungs thus helping you breathe easier.

Proper breathing minimizes insomnia and reduces snoring especially for those who share the bed. Improved breathing also helps in reducing snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea.

6. Other health benefits include:

Reduces heartburn and GERD – eating before bedtime can trigger heartburn i.e. acid reflux.

One of the benefits of the zero-gravity position is that it keeps the stomach acid down and prevents any GERD or sleep disturbances.

Relieves pregnancy symptoms – pregnant women have to deal with many issues such as heartburn, edema, back pain, etc. A zero gravity bed frame reduces all symptoms and helps women sleep comfortably.

7. Improves deep slumber sleep – Insomnia is a condition that has been challenging many people worldwide. Though you cannot cure insomnia with adjustable beds, it can definitely help you sleep better as it relaxes your muscles and removes any bodily strains.

Lifestyle benefits – apart from the above, adjustable beds ease the body and help you unwind comfortably. You can watch TV, read books, or use a laptop easily.

Final thoughts

The health benefits of adjustable beds are numerous. If you are looking for adjustable beds, there are various models available. Try different bed frames and only then pick the one that suits your sleeping preferences the best.


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