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5 Things to Know When Buying an Electric Medical Bed

Medical beds are usually used for a number of reasons. The patient’s need must always be considered before buying an electrical medical bed. Knowing the amount of time the patient will use the bed is the most important factor to consider. Buying an electric medical bed is a big task, but can be done by considering all the below-mentioned factors in mind.


  • Make a list to find the right medical bed


If the patient has limited mobility it is ideal to consider the bed which can be moved to various comfortable positions. Making a list of requirements while buying a medical bed is optimum as it would let you know what you are looking for specifically and what will fit your desired budget.


  • How long do your loved ones or you need the bed?


If the patient requires the bed for a longer period of time, then you must go for the electric medical beds that last long and operate quietly. These beds often have more color options to go with the décor of your house. While on the other hand, if the patient requires the bed for a short period of time like in post-surgery cases, then standard medical beds are ideal.


  • What is the weight capacity required?


While determining the weight factor, add in the weight of the bed mattress, bed linens, user and anything that would come on top of it. While choosing the mattress that sits on top of the bed, you must choose one which can handle at least 20-25% of the actual weight of the patient


  • How many hours a day will be spent on the bed?


If a patient spends more than 15 hours a day on the bed, then a fully electric medical bed must be considered. But if less than 15 hours are spent in the bed then manual or semi-electric beds are made for you. This also goes in while selecting a mattress, the longer you sleep on it the more likely you are to get back sores, so select a mattress that prevents back sores. Fully electric beds also help you to alleviate the pressure points.


  • How mobile is the patient?


Is the patient able to get out if the bed on their own? Does the bed need to be moved to get the patient out of it? All these factors must be considered while buying the right electric medical bed for the patient. If you get confused while buying it, then consult a medical expert.

These factors will help you in buying the medical bed you desire within the budget that you have. You can easily find the right kind of electrical bed in India if you keep the factors in mind, this will ensure you get quality service and will assist you in your hour of need.

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