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Varicose veins are enlarged veins that generally occurs on legs and feet. These veins may be dark purple or blue and can be seen bulging, lumpy or even twisted in appearance. Other symptoms are uncomfortable and heavy legs, aching, swollen ankles and feet. It can lead to aching and sometimes ulceration of legs. These veins occur when the veins become dilated, enlarged and overfilled with blood thereafter. The veins appear raised and swollen, have red colour or bluish-purple and are often painful.

Arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the tissues. Veins then return the amalgamated blood to the heart from the rest of the body. In order to return blood to the heart, the veins need to work against gravity. An adjustable bed is one of the best beds to cure varicose vein, helps to sleep comfortably with the legs being elevated while giving the body proper healing time at night. It helps to fight leg swelling, edemas, while also relieve brain pressure. When you raise the legs above the heart level, it will help the body to receive improved blood circulation as and when it repairs itself from an entire day of running errands.

Sleeping with the legs being elevated makes way for the body to take the load off to rejuvenate by pumping venous blood back towards the heart. As blood circulates throughout the body, it feels more relaxed and peaceful sleep can hence occur. One needs to elevate their legs in order to achieve a better flow of blood. A leg having varicose vein witnesses pooling of blood while products being gathered in order to create an accumulation of pressure and toxins within the limb. This results in painful legs which feel exhausted and tired. As the day proceeds with individuals sitting and standing symptoms can also tend to get worse.

The same veins can also cause problems beyond the legs. Varicose veins, causing pressure retention can lead to creating lymphedema-damage in the lymphatic system. The tiny channels of lymphatics then collect the lymph tissue right from the body in order to transmit back to the bloodstream. Lethargic lymphatics can produce swelling in the toes and feet. The best way of elevating legs is to lie down on an adjustable bed. These beds are equipped with remotes that will help in raising your legs in a comfortable position in which the individual will feel comfortable sleeping. This helps in easing out the pain, promotes healing and relaxation.

If an adjustable base is not available, you can elevate the legs on a stack of pillows. Make sure that the position promotes blood flow and circulation. If needed, you can also take optimum breaks in order to ensure that the legs are kept in an elevated position for about 10-15 minutes each time.


By keeping the legs raised at the end of the day and during sleeping hours by keeping them elevated, symptoms of varicose veins get eliminated. Thus, adjustable beds encourage individuals in keeping legs elevated in a position that always helps alleviate varicose veins, whether sitting or sleeping.

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