Zero Gravity Bed- Significant Health Implications That Cannot Be Avoided

Health Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

What is the zero-gravity position?

Zero gravity position means raising the head and knee above the heart level. The torso and legs are positioned in such a way that they form a 120-degree angle. The zero gravity position also known as the Zero-G position was originally invented by NASA.  Astronauts ready themselves for launch by getting into this position so that the pressure experienced during changes in gravitational force is equalised.

A zero gravity bed allows you to sleep in this position.  It has an adjustable frame that places your body in that allows you to change the shape of your mattress. An adjustable bed has many joints that allow the base to move independently of the mattress.    Each of these joints rotates a certain position which allows you to get into a comfortable position. For example, you can raise the head and leg portion of the bed independently. Also, a zero-gravity bed can be controlled by a remote.  

Significant Health Implications Of Zero-gravity Beds  That Cannot Be Avoided

There are many benefits of zero-gravity position which are given below

1. Less snoring and better breathing

When you sleep on your back, the tissues in the back of the throat and fat around the neck obstruct the airways which cause vibrations as air passes through. By raising your head and torso, there is less obstruction so air can pass easily which leads to better breathing and less snoring.

2. Improves circulation

Because the legs are raised while sleeping in a Zero-gravity position, blood circulation is improved. The increased blood flow reduces swelling, promotes healing and prevents the formation of blood clots.  Because of this, the Zero-g position is recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, restless leg syndrome, heart ailments and diabetes.

3. Alleviates the symptoms of arthritis

There are many benefits of zero-gravity position for those suffering from arthritis. This position reduces pressure on the joints. Adjustable beds can also be changed to many positions which make getting in and out of bed easier.

4. Improves digestion

Sleeping in a zero-g position improves digestion. Even when you stop eating, the process of digestion continues for several hours.  Keeping your stomach elevated above your intestines keeps your digestive tract running smoothly.  Sleeping flat on your back can disrupt digestion.

5. Prevents headaches

Do you wake up every morning with a headache? A strained neck might be one of the reasons for it.  One of the health benefits of adjustable beds is that it prevents this. If you are a back sleeper and don’t like changing your sleeping position at night, then you must buy an adjustable bed. By elevating your head, you relieve some of the pressure on the neck.

6. Improved mobility

Another benefit of sleeping in an adjustable bed is that you can easily get in and out of bed.  If you are injured and struggling to sit up straight, an adjustable bed might be just for you. With an adjustable bed, you can raise your head and swing your legs to the side. It is easier than trying to grab onto the railing and pulling yourself up.

7. Eases Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnant women suffer from many health issues like back pain, heartburn, oedema and G.E.R.D. A zero gravity bed alleviates all of these symptoms allowing pregnant women to sleep better.


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