Top 5 Tips To Keep Motorised Hospital Bed Healthy For The Best Patient Care


Caring for your hospital bed can be difficult. It is both an electrical and mechanical bed that provides many health benefits for people suffering from circulatory and other medical problems.

Adjustable beds consist of motors, gears and moving parts. Over time, these parts will wear out and will need to be replaced or repaired. The best adjustable  beds come with warranties that  cover these costs but the cost of maintaining an adjustable bed is generally more than a normal bed. That is why, while buying an electric bed for patients, it is important to choose a company that provides good service.  

5 Tips To Keep A Motorized Bed Healthy

1. It is advisable to rotate the motorized hospital bed once a month. When a patient switches to a sitting position, most of the weight is concentrated on a small area which can eventually cause depressions in the mattress. By rotating your bed, you give the mattress a chance to recover.

2. Regularly check your power cord and remote control wiring for damage. Often a bed is adjusted too close to a wall. This can damage the power plug as it ends up brushing against the wall.

3. Formulate an inspection schedule for your motorised hospital bed mattress and mattress covers in the facility. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow the instructions listed there.  

4. Regularly remove the mattress cover and inspect the inside surface for wet spots, stains and signs of wear and tear. Without taking off the mattress cover, it can be difficult to identify stains or signs of damage since mattresses are often dark in color which makes it difficult to see what is underneath.

5. Avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress. Electric medical bed mattresses have a soft edge so that they can bend easily. Sitting on the edge will cause the mattress to deform much quicker than a normal bed. Also, avoid sitting on the foot of the bed. It will put stress on the motor which might cause the entire unit to stop working.  

What Is Included In  Hospital Bed Servicing?

Every part of the bed and the different functions are checked. This is done to make sure that the bed is performing as expected and is safe for both patients and healthcare providers.  

The engineer will first visually inspect the motorized hospital bed to get a general idea of how the bed is performing and to identify any issues that might need repairing. All parts of the bed including the framework, base, side rails, brakes and castors will be inspected for signs of damage.  

After the physical inspection, all the electrical components are inspected. The tilt, lift motor, foot and head mechanisms that make the bed change positions are checked. If there is an alarm system, that too will be checked.

Lastly, the engineer will check the handsets used by both the patient and hospital staff. After this is done, a full inspection of the bed is carried out to check the tilt and movement of the bed.     

Zero-g beds is a motorized hospital bed manufacturer in India. Our mattresses are made with latex which is an eco-friendly raw material and ideal for proper spinal alignment.


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