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Adjustable Beds for Pregnancy: 7 Proven Health Benefits That You Must Know

Sleeping Positions While Pregnant

Adjustable beds can be a saviour for pregnant women who tend to have difficulty getting in and out of the bed. They are multipurpose as they serve numerous benefits not only physically but mentally as well.

Apart from pregnant women, adjustable beds can be used by everyone, especially elderly people who are suffering from arthritis or people who have undergone surgery.

Here are some of the benefits of adjustable beds for pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, her body goes through a lot of changes including physical traits. The fingers and ankles can get swollen. At such times, rest is necessary.

Adjustable beds alleviate swelling and improve blood circulation.

Hormonal changes are natural when women are pregnant. This can cause mood swings, sleep disorders, etc. A night of good quality sleep can lead to a good mood.

When you are pregnant, you will have to deal with joint pains due to weight gain. At such times, hopping in and out of the bed can be difficult and lead to more pain.

Having an adjustable bed can lower the height between the bed to the floor and adjust your body position in such a way so that you can easily move in & out.

Back pain and neck pain are common when it comes to pregnancy. After a certain point, you will need a lot of rest and would want a bed structure that eases the pain.

A Sleeping bed for pregnancy will work wonders on your body as you can adjust it as per your sleeping style.
Anxiety is another common symptom related to pregnancy as many women feel overwhelmed during this stage.

They will have trouble sleeping and will need a full 8-hour sleep. At such times, adjustable beds can help you relax and feel comfortable.
Many women have trouble breathing during pregnancy. An alleviated bed can help you breathe easily without straining your heart.

When you sleep, it is also important to make a mental note of the position of the baby.

Sleeping on adjustable beds can help your baby to stay in your tummy in a comfortable and safe position.

Here are some of the other benefits of adjustable beds:

1. Reduces Edema

Edema is a condition in which fluid builds up between soft tissues and cells. It is usually an indication of a more serious health condition. Elevating your legs above the level of your heart can reduce swelling.

The lesser the swelling, the easier it is for your heart to function.

2. Reduces Asthma flare-ups

Sleeping in an elevated position will reduce the chance of postnasal drip. Postnasal drip can cause mucus to gather in the chest that can also make asthma conditions worse. At such times, you may have trouble breathing.

People may also experience wheezing and coughing at night. Once the head is raised, you can prevent any airway obstruction and thus prevent asthma attacks. Adjustable bed frames allow the sleeper to choose the best height for themselves.

3. Helps in reducing sleep apnea

Snoring is one of the commonly seen symptoms which can be due to physical disabilities, muscle changes, or even brain physiology. Such people often wake up feeling tired. Sleep apnea can also raise the risk of certain health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.

Sleep apnea occurs when the tongue falls down the throat when you sleep. You will notice an improvement in symptoms when you sleep in an elevated position all the time.

One of the biggest benefits is that the elevated position prevents the airway from being blocked. This way air can flow freely through the airways.

Adjustable beds are a good investment for people who are suffering from sleep apnea. You can position your head correctly without having to constantly shift the pillows.

Women with gestational OSA may have to deal with snoring. This can get worse due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. An adjustable bed can really help them with snoring and clearing the airway for non-obstructive breathing.

4. Improves digestion process.

For people who eat before going to bed, sleeping in a flat position can hinder the digestion process. It can also cause the food to go up and cause indigestion or heartburn.

This is known as acid reflux that can feel like the chest is burning. Adjustable bed frames can provide a comfortable sleeping position for everyone for improved digestion.

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