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Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity BedZero Gravity position is a position, in which your legs are slightly above your head level, which helps for proper blood circulation. This position is very effective in comparison to leg rest position and that is why, it is very helpful for heart patients. Zero gravity position is very effective for those people who need regular intensive care or for those people who are not able to move from one position to another.

People, who are unable to move in bed, mostly suffer from spine and back problem because the position of their body, which puts pressure and weight on their spine. In this case, zero gravity beds will create suitable leg and head position, which will reduce the pressure of their spine. Only, zero gravity beds can offer you such supreme and unmatched features.

This zero gravity position was normally created for space astronauts, so that they will get complete comfort while they are in space. With complete dedication and endeavor, we have created these beds and offered them to innumerable consumers. With increasing backache and leg pain problems; we decided to make these positions available in our home care electric beds. Now, we are receiving many compliments from our customers for offering comfortable back rest and leg rest position in our beds. Our customers’ appreciation encouraged us to keep going on in the industry and reach the new levels of success with every growing year. Our customers also have the option to customize their own adjustable wooden bed.

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