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Q. How to buy the Zero G Bed? If I order a bed online, what about the warrantees and repairs?

A. The Zero G bed is a unique product from Zero-G Beds LLP. It is only available with our company and can be ordered directly online. Each product is delivered to your door step on order, and you can place custom requirements with us online, or over the phone. Zero-G Beds come with 15 Years Warranty on its wooden body. It also offer's warranties (up to 25 years) on the mattresses based on the mattress one selects.

Q. What choices would I have if I wanted better looks on my Zero G bed?

A. TWe cannot provide the same choices and designs as you would find on designer furniture. However, the idea of an electric bed is function; something the product fulfills with all airs. We have a number of color options on the frame – rosewood, black, dark brown, and mahogany. For the mattresses, you can choose between a density range of 32 to 40; and thickness between 3 and 4 inches. Normally we have a Rexene mattress cover (for hospital use); but you can custom order any other choice you may have for mattress covers. We also have a separate memory foam mattress for the best comfort on your Zero G bed.

Q. How is the Zero G bed certified for quality standards?

A. The Zero G bed has been designed and tested according to all standard FDA (US) regulations, and the electronics is certified by CE, giving the product all the international certification guarantees needed. Zero G bed is also ISO 9001:2000 certified and a WTC (New York) member, so our reputation and quality standards are impeccable for all our products.

Q. Other than the Zero G bed, what other products can you provide for medical use?

A. Zero-G Beds is one of the largest Indian manufacturers of hospital furniture and medical disposables. We have a whole range of products ranging from simple hospital cabinets and trolleys, to the most sophisticated operation tables and respiratory units. For a full range of our products, kindly visit our website.

Q. How do I acquire a quote for a Zero G bed? How soon can I receive after ordering?

A.The Zero-G beds are usually on custom order, and you can order online. After filling in the Inquiry form, we go over your requisitions, and contact you with a quote. Since each of the beds is custom made according to your design specifics; you cannot expect a fixed price range. We also have no tall claims on super fast delivery. As you can understand, such a product must be made carefully to avoid any flaws. We can give you the time of delivery according to your location after you place an order.

Q. Can I get a demonstration of Zero-G beds?

A.Currently Zero-G Beds are available for demonstration in Mumbai and Thane. But we suggest to see our demonstration video which is available on our website. We are sure, that the video will give you a complete idea about its functionality and other aspects which are critical for you to take a favorable decision.

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