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The Zero-G bed has been designed for a number of purposes and it is meant to give you advantages of a mechanized bed without the high cost or the cumbersomeness. Mechanized beds of various kinds are available in the market, some of which are top of the line luxury furniture that offer more cushion and comfort than actually do something medically beneficial for you. The Zero G bed has been designed to be an everyday use homecare bed that people can easily buy and benefit from.

The first advantage of the Zero-G bed is in its wooden make and natural coloration. The product is the only unique wooden mechanized bed, making it perhaps Spartan, but by far more functionally reliable than a normal mechanized bed. The design is so simple, and yet ergonomic that it sets into your décor without much of a fuss. With a variety of mattresses and mattress covers that we offer and custom attach for you, you can find a perfect match with your interiors. Thus, you can have a medical electric bed for your ailing or aged family members without having your house look like a hospital!

Zero-G beds (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few Indian medical supplies and furniture manufactures who have gained critical demand abroad. The company has a huge client base in hospitals across Europe and America, and competing with foreign manufacturers is no easy task. We accomplish this by ensuring the highest quality standards and production values, and by thorough scrutiny at each level of manufacturing. With our new Zero G beds, we seek to bring in a whole new era in perfectly postured sleeping  position with the Zero Gravity effect. Tested and researched over long hours, the Zero G beds family is proud to present such a unique product, the first of its kind from India.

Our product has been designed for Indian homes, and we understand how power cuts are a bane in any corner of the country. No place is immune to power outs, and for a heavy duty electronic bed, a power out may men trouble. If you were in a reclining or sitting position, and the power goes out; you’d be stuck in that position - unable to lie down. The Zero-G Bed has heavy duty electronic motors meant for regular rigorous use; but there is also a separate battery attachment in case there is a power cut. This is also a feature unique to our product, since most other heavy duty electric beds do not have an alternate power source for allowing usage during such situations. These advantages are just what make the Zero G bed the perfect homecare bed for Indian homes.

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