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Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Zero-G Beds LLP would like to tell you that our beds are designed in such a way that they will give you both – lifestyle and medical benefits. Those who are looking for medical benefits will also get lifestyle advantages and vice-versa. Some of the most important and effective results you will experience with our beds are

Lifestyle Advantages:

  • By simply elevating the head position of our adjustable bed, you can easily watch TV, read book and eat by sitting on bed and once you are done with your work, you can lower the position of bed with just one touch on remote control.
  • Luxurious Massage: A perfect and comfortable sleeping position is a good body massage in itself and after a long day hectic work; you must get complete rest both – mentally and physically. By sleeping on our beds, you will experience the same advantages and a perfect sugar sleep.
  • The Zero-Gravity position: Our adjustable beds are equipped with multi position feature which can be attained with single touch on button. These Zero-Gravity beds can be turned into different sleeping positions where your body will also work against gravity to some extent.
  • Eliminating snoring: Sleeping on a flatbed on your back may increase your snoring problem because gravity and straight position causes your tongue and soft tissues come in the way of airflow. With our beds you can easily lift your head to some degrees so that air will flow freely and help you to reduce snoring.
  • Good for heart: Person having heart issues needs to relax his/ her heart for better pumping and blood circulation and bad sleeping positions might put pressure on heart and make it difficult to function properly. Slightly raised leg position of our bed will reduce the pressure and help your heart to pump properly and circulate blood without difficulty to entire body.

Medical Benefits:
  • Makes getting out of bed easy: Familiar with the fact that getting up from a flat mattress is sometimes very difficult and uneasy, especially, for patients and elder people. To reduce the stress, we have brought adjustable beds where you can easily raise your back position with remote control to get up from bed without any difficulty.
  • Lower back pain relief: Back position of our beds will help your body to carry blood to brain so that it can function properly which will automatically reduce your lower back pain.
  • Relax sore muscles: you can raise or reduce the position of your bed in order to bring comfort and reduce the pressure from troublesome parts of your body.
  • Improved blood flow: By selecting different Zero-gravity leg and back positions of our adjustable beds, your body will circulate blood effectively so that every part of your body will get right amount of blood.
  • GERD: Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease can be reduced by getting comfortable back position that comes with our beds. It has been proved by Dr. Olson that, raised head position will prevent acid or food that is present in your stomach from coming in oesophagus (food pipe).
  • Asthma and Breathing Relief: stiff mattress and flatbed can cause breathing problems which is very dangerous for those who have asthma problem. Adjustable bed will not only give you comfort while sleeping but also helps you to take deep breaths on soft mattress that comes with our bed. These beds are perfect solution for those people who have been complaining about short and continuous interrupted sleeps.
  • Swelling and Edema: Diabetic, high blood pressure and obesity patients can now take a sigh of relief because our adjustable beds will help them to reduce leg swelling. We are not saying this by our own, it has been proved by doctors and many patients have experienced this change after using our beds.
  • Arthritis Relief: Best advantage of our adjustable beds is that it can help you to reduce your arthritis issues. As mentioned before, these beds can be transformed into different sleeping positions which will assist you in bringing complete rest and comfort to different joints of your body. While lying on our bed, the position of limbs will help you in reducing the joint pain as it has been seen in many patients of arthritis.
  • Maternity Benefits: Our zero gravity beds are very helpful for those women who just had or expecting to have baby delivery in future. We are giving this statement because, breast feeding is 6 to 9 months of process and within this period women may suffer from backache. Anatomical alignment of our beds will help mothers to easily give breast feeding to their babies without experiencing any pain.

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